Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October 5- We had A over this evening for our monthly sitting exchange. We headed over to the park for some playtime. The walk over went slowly, both girls kept finding fun stuff to look at. We carried, and then threw pinecones for awhile, ripped up grass, picked flowers, and ran around. The girls have differnt playing styles, E loves to climb, and isn't afraid to go down the big slide alone. A wants to hold hands the whole time. After the park, the girls and dada read lots of books, and they kept saying more.

We learned at daycare today that E hasn't been eating very well at daycare. According to the teachers, if they want her to eat, they need to put the food on her fork, and actually feed her. At home she can feed herself, so we aren't totally sure what is going on.

October 4- E's shoe obsession has started young! She is always finding dada and my shoes, bringing them to us, and then helping us to put them on. Tonight, she found some of my work shoes, and walked around in them. I can't believe that she can get around in them. We had A and R over after work today, fortunatly, we had three Elmo toys, so each girl could have one, so the playdate was a success.

October 3- E was being a monkey tonight (and she can say monkey). I was tipping her upside down, and learned that she knows how to do flips. If you hold her hands, she'll flip over and land on her feet. Everyone tells us we need to sign her up for gymnastics, and I guess now we have proof.

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