Monday, August 19, 2013

First day of school

We've come a long way since her first day back to school. Today she couldn't wait to get there!

Our trooper

Miss M has another ear infection, this time a double, and they are concerned that she is resistant to amoxicillin. Not the news that you want to hear about your four month old. However, despite her fairly constant ear infections, she remains the most smiley, happy baby. Even her sister says "hi smiley" when she sees her.
Miss M is growing up so fast, although she's the little sister, she is significantly bigger then her sister was at this age. She wore a sleeper the other day that E wore at 9 months old. M has discovered her hands and feet, and has a favorite giraffe toy. She sequels and makes the happiest noises, and has the tiniest pin-prick dimples when she smiles.

Its a Ca-zaster

E has coined the best new word Ca-zaster! Its a combination of Catastrophe and disaster. Its really the perfect word for a three year old. Most everything that happens to her could accurately be defined as a ca-zaster, particularly from her perspective.

Blame it on the Nazis

One of the disadvantages of having parents who are history buffs, and a dad who is a huge Captain America fan, is that your three year old knows about some random things. Things many three year olds probably aren't familiar with. This, along with a three year old who remembers EVERYTHING can lead to some funny situations.

We were driving to Minnesota a few weeks ago, and we noticed that the McDonalds in Baraboo had been torn down. We pointed it out to E, who said, "it must have been the Nazis." Both her dad and I tried to steer this conversation away from the topic, with a "no, Nazis are in comic books and history,they didn't destroy the McDonalds." But, she wasn't deterred, she spent the entire weekend telling everyone that the Nazis had destroyed the McDonalds.

Friday, August 2, 2013


For some reason, we decided to make Smores the other night. We didn't have an open fire, so we just used the microwave. Both Andy and I were excited to introduce E to Smores, since they are such a fun childhood thing. We showed her the process and held her up so that she could see the marshmallow grow in the microwave. It made me miss a year ago, when she would talk about "smarshmellows." When it was done, I handed it to her we had the following exchange:

E: Mommy, you know when we make cookies, we have ingredients.
A: Yes
E: Ingredients
A: We had ingredients for Smores, they were graham cracker, marshmallow, and chocolate
E: When we make cookies, I get to eat the ingredients
A: You are, they are right here
E: No, ingredients!
A: Do you not want a Smore, just the ingredients separately?
E: Yes!
A: Oh, ok, here you go
E: No marshmellow, and more chocolate?

Since that night, she's asked for "Ors" several times, it always takes me a minute to figure it out, since it also sounds a bit like more. Each time, she tries to negotiate for two pieces of chocolate. She hasn't succeeded yet, but I like that she keeps trying.