Monday, September 24, 2012


Catching up on most of September in one post!

September 22-23 Dada was helping Grandma and Grandpa move out of their cabin, so E and I had a girls weekend. The part she was most looking forward to was Sunday morning, where she had been promised a "pajammie day." We fit a lot into the weekend. Saturday morning we parked cars for the football game and walked to the stadium to take part in the "football party" we also got lunch at Mickies, which was a special treat for E.

After nap, we went to the Chocolate Shoppe's birthday party, were E got her face painted (she chose the Ws herself) and she got her first balloon animal. She bit the animal in the car, and popped it. The head survived somehow, so now she just has part.

I finally finished the knit elephant I'd been working on for her. I made one for her friend A, and it was the first item I've ever knit where E immediately asked, "where's mine." Since she napped, I decided to finish it up.  Here's what I got when I asked her to smile nicely for a picture with it:

Trying again:

For our pajammie day, we wore our PJs all morning, then we headed to the 100th birthday party of the hospital where E "got borned." She asks about her "born day" all the time, so I thought this would be a nice way for her to see it. We had lots of fun touring around with Ama, eating snacks, and having cake. Strangely enough, E's favorite part was the historical movie about the hospital. It may have been because she go to eat popcorn while watching, but who knows.

E kicked off pajammie day by announcing she was going to do some cleaning, so she spent a solid half hour cleaning her picnic table. She has baggies on her hands because she told me she needed gloves.

Each Thursday, E, Ama, Ada, and I go to Mickie's Dairy Bar for breakfast. E loves to have a cinnamon roll (or a cinnamon) and some of a scrambler (she mostly just eats the ham)

She likes to make herself a piece of toast with "sprinkle" on it, as Ama says, "what happens on Thursdays stays at Ama's"

 September 15 we headed to Epplegarden to pick apples. E wasn't too impressed with apple picking, but she loved picking raspberries. We are lucky she managed to put some berries in the basket, each time I looked at her she was picking them and eating them!

She did warm up to apple picking, particularly once she found out that you could eat one while you worked. E loves to snack.

Here, E is wearing my sunglasses, she has gotten really particular lately about the sun shining on her. 

We've spent a lot of time hiding behind this curtain this month. Sometimes dada or I hide too, other times E runs behind it and says, "where's me" and we have to look for her. She likes to collect brochures (or maps as she calls them) that is what we are reading here.

September 4th, dada started school again. Here is the traditional first day of school picture

Adjusting back to the school year has been a big change this year. Although E's transition to daycare went smoothly, the overall transition has taken some work, we are so spoiled to have dada home in the summer, its hard to figure out how to do things with him back at school.

Labor Day weekend, E, Ama, Ada, and I went to visit some family in Trempleau. E had a great time. She got to see her cousin's chickens and dog. After this trip, E isn't as scared of little dogs as she was before. She even pets the little ones now! This is a huge accomplishment for her.  E did a great job of being around her bigger cousins, and they did a good job of including her when they could. The cutest event of the weekend was seeing E standing on a coffee table to play foosball with a 13 year old boy. She had a blast.

Finally, August 31st, E and I headed back to Circus World for a last trip of the summer. Circus World is probably E's favorite thing she did all summer. She still talks about the clowns, the jugglers, the horse rider, and the "rope lady." I'm sure she is ready to go back next season.

We got there just in time for the circus and after the performance, E got a picture of her two favorite clowns. She insisted on having her picture with the picture. It was funny though, she wouldn't stand near the clowns for a picture with the actual performers.

We stayed and watched the miniature horse show which is something we hadn't done before. E loved it! I think the size of the horse made it much more interesting to her. She didn't sit down the entire time.

We also did the circus skills adventure, which we hadn't done before, E got to hula hoop and jump off a big ball. She loved being in the performance ring. She can't hula hoop yet, but maybe by next summer.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Princesses have arrived at our house. We fought it for as long as we could, but first came the Bubbies, then came the dress up clothes, and then came the tent. We are in it now. It helps that E has no idea the difference between a fairy, a princess, and a baby doll. They are pretty much all interchangeable. But, she loves them all, and they make her so happy its hard to begrudge her them. She's up to a Cinderella, Snow White, Aerial, and Belle dolls, and a Tinkerbell and Snow White Costume.

I love this picture, there is just something so little girl about wearing a beautiful outfit and then checking herself out in the side of the car. When I took it, I had no idea that is what she was doing. It wasn't until we saw the picture that we realized!

Snow White joined us for ice cream. E was so set on wearing this outfit that she even agreed to wear a bib.

I got a call at work the other day, it was dada telling me that E refused to get dressed, she wanted to wear her Tinkerbell costume and diaper to daycare, not clothes. He got her dressed eventually.

To top off the princess-mania, E wore pretty dresses three days in a row, just like a princess.