Monday, August 19, 2013

Blame it on the Nazis

One of the disadvantages of having parents who are history buffs, and a dad who is a huge Captain America fan, is that your three year old knows about some random things. Things many three year olds probably aren't familiar with. This, along with a three year old who remembers EVERYTHING can lead to some funny situations.

We were driving to Minnesota a few weeks ago, and we noticed that the McDonalds in Baraboo had been torn down. We pointed it out to E, who said, "it must have been the Nazis." Both her dad and I tried to steer this conversation away from the topic, with a "no, Nazis are in comic books and history,they didn't destroy the McDonalds." But, she wasn't deterred, she spent the entire weekend telling everyone that the Nazis had destroyed the McDonalds.

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