Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 30- Today dada and I were responsible for the "big girls" we joined up with the "little girls" for a trip to the mall to see Anna, Elsa, and Olaf, and participate in some kid activities. Only A and R were brave enough to stand near the characters. Both little girls were scared of Olaf, and E still doesn't really like people in costume.

The girls all did a craft project, and then had dinner at the food court. After dinner, they all played at the play land. I think M really enjoyed being part of the crowd. She had a great time in the play area. Back at home, she got to take a solo tubby, which is a little rare for her.

This morning, M and Ada came to meet me at coffee break. M was a big hit with all my co-workers, and took turns pointing around the table at everyone.

September 29- Tonight when we got home from work and school, we tried to play outside right away. It was an interesting night, while we were outside, the temperature dropped significantly, and we are back to fall. Tonight at dinner, M was sitting nicely in her chair, but suddenly had to get out. Turns out that she wanted to sit with dada.

For the last couple weeks, M has been amazing at bed time, she has started being able to put herself down to sleep with no (or a few) tears. She also has a Mickey Mouse music box, and she has to have it turned on during rocking and stories, and usually first thing in the morning.

September 28- Today we had a lovely family day. The morning was filled with the Zoo Run, which E and dada participated in. M did a nice job wandering around and waiting, and then cheering on her family. She was absolutely in love with looking at Henry, the zoo's mascot. She didn't want to touch him, or stand by him, but she wanted to be held near him, and point and wave. She has developed a new wave, using just her last three fingers.

After the race, we had a picnic at the zoo and then looked at the animals. After quite time we ran a few errands, and then had some play time in "Leaf Wonderland" (what E is calling our front yard).

September 27-  While dada parked cars this morning, the girls and I went to the Badger Bash and Union South. Dada met us there, and we tried Mt. Dew, played bean bag toss, and spun the prize wheel for the book store (E won lollipops for herself and M). Then E got a feather in her hair.

We had lunch at the Sett, and watched a little bit of the game. At home, E and I took a nap together, while dada held M for her nap. After quite time the girls and I played outside in all the freshly fallen leaves..

September 26- Dada had a TON of grading to do tonight, so the girls and I were on our own. We started the evening with a picnic in Leaf Wonderland, and then went to Hilldale. We got E her Buckey Badger shirt, played at the toy store, got M's bangs cut, and had popcorn and smoothie at Target. Then, we went to JoAnn's so that E could pick out Elsa colored yarn for a craft project.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

September 25- E woke me up very early this morning with the dreaded "mommy, I throwed up" so we spent a good part of the night cleaning up. So, she and I stayed home from work/school this morning. Ama came over in the afternoon so that I was able to go work for a little bit. It doesn't seem like M is sick (knock on wood). M had a great time playing at the park today, there was another little girl slightly younger then her there and they actually played together.

After work, she and I went for a walk and she was crazy to see "Ah-wa" (her name for E's friend A) so we got to stop in a visit with A and A, and then play on the swings.

September 24- E and I went to gymnastics today while M stayed home and helped dada cook. While she was with Boppa today, M had a real puzzle breakthrough, she was able to match up the pieces of her animal puzzle and get them to fit all by herself (or with very minimal intervention). This is a very new skill for her.

September 23- We had a more normal evening at home as you can see with the pile on dada!

September 22- Today I achieved my parenting rock star status! Dada had to go back to work, so he hurried home to get dinner for us. He left, and the girls and I played outside for a while and then had a movie party with popcorn and Brave. For the first time, I successfully put both girls to bed! I nursed M, then read to E, then nursed M again. When she was done, I put M down and said "night night" she fussed for a minute and then was quiet. I went back to read E a last "fairy chapter book" chapter, and M was asleep when I was done. E was out before dada came home.

M did have her first official tantrum tonight, it was the kind were nothing made her happy, we tried snacks, juice, and lots of other things, but she basically just needed to feel sad for awhile.

September 21- We went to pick apples today, which was very important to E to accomplish this fall. We went to Epplegarden like usual, and had better luck finding low apples then we usually do. E really had a great time picking apples and so did M. Although M kept trying to pick them up off the ground! Both girls liked munching apples while we walked and picked, and we definitely got a good haul. E and I even made apple crisp for dessert (although E didn't eat any).

Grandma and Grandpa watched the girls tonight so that dada and I could go out. The girls had a great time at their house, and even took a tubby.

September 20- We had quite a day today, we started by parking cars for the Badger game, and having a lemonade stand. E wasn't as excited about lemonade as she was last week, and refused to yell "lemonade and wata for sale." She was also much more interested in drinking lemonade this week! We had planned to go get lunch by the stadium, like usual, but Ama and Ada's neighbor's gave us tickets to the game. We walked down to the stadium and M got to see her first Badger game. E got to see her first regular season game! Both girls seemed to really enjoy it. M even got to add Camp Randall stadium to the list of places she nursed :)

We spent the afternoon playing outside with friends and E went to a classmate's birthday party. Needless to say, both girls were completely wiped out by bedtime!

September 19- M and I were home alone for a little while tonight, and she was looking in the fridge. She found this coffee creamer and started carrying it around and calling it baby. We even went outside and played sidewalk chalk with her "baby."

September 18- The girls went back to Mickie's today, sadly I couldn't join them. This was the first visit to Mickies with E at 4K, and it seemed to work pretty well.

September 17- M has to brush her teeth each night, just like big sissy does. She's noticed that E gets toothpaste, so now she needs it too. Fortunately, she's too little to realize that we are just pretending to put some on her brush.

E has started gymnastics again, so M and dada got some nice time to explore outside together tonight while E and I were at gymnastics.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September 16- Today we had a different morning, E, M and I went to Ama and Ada's house, but they were out for breakfast. E was upset by the change in her routine, so we went for donuts, E was convinced that they would be home when we got back. But, they weren't. After she ate, E decided to wait until Ada was home before going to school. Fortunately, he made it home before we had to go! M and Ada came for coffee break today, which was great. M ate most of my yogurt, and a chocolate cookie (I offered her half, but she knew better and took a whole one)

After school today, we had little A over. We are rotating child care with our neighbors, and the little girls and big girls will travel in a pack, so M got to have a friend over, they played pretty well together, M did a little pushing. M found a new baby doll today, and was in love it with. We'll see how long it lasts.

September 15- M and Ada went to visit great gramma today, and they took her out for breakfast. After breakfast, M had a nice time playing with great gramma. M has been wearing this crown all the time. We're not totally sure why, E has never really been a fan, so she hasn't gotten it from her.

September 14- We had  a nice family Sunday today, with each parent getting some one on one with with each girl. E and I went to a soccer themed birthday party for one of her class-mates, while dada and M played at home and took a nap together. After quiet time, E and dada went to a football party (dada won beer, E was very excited for him). M and I took the time to go to the playground at the community center near our house. We used to go to this park all the time with E, so I was very happy to get the chance to play there with M.

September 13- We all slept in this morning, which was strange, but great! I started out the day at a clothing resale, so dada took the girls to the Monroe Street Festival. E got "W"s on her face, and a balloon poodle, M didn't get her face painted, and popped her balloon animal. They also got a giant bag of kettle corn. After the festival, we had lunch with Ama and Ada at HyVee and then E got a chance to play with her friend R.

M helped me make pizza for dinner. She got to stand on a chair in the kitchen one time, and now she seems to think its a normal thing.

September 12- I was out this evening doing a busy bag swap, so dada was on his own with the girls. The girls had dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's house, and then program and playtime with dada. M is starting to say lots of words, she can say: Ama, Bappa, Momma, Dada, Sissy, Woof Woof (Dog), Waffle, Awa (any girl friend), and shoe.

September 11-

September 10- Although we tell E not to climb on the couch, I couldn't resist!

September 9- We spent the afternoon playing outside with our friends. Once we were inside, the girls took turns playing on this step stool.

September 8- Dada was out for awhile this evening, and bedtime was a disaster with just me, E wanted to be with me when I was trying to put M down, and M wanted to be running around when I was trying to put E down.

September 7

September 6- It was the first Badger game of the season today, and at long last E got to have her lemonade stand! It was a huge success. Turns out people like to buy lemonade and water from a young girl who yell "lemonade and wata for sale" over and over and over! Once the game started, our whole family walked down to campus for lunch and to see the festivities. We had a wonderful picnic and family time.

Friday, September 5, 2014

September 5- We made it through our first week of school (for everyone). Ada and M dropped E off at school this morning, before heading to a new activity. They went to Tenny Nursery School and had a great time. M didn't even fall asleep on the way home, and it sounds like she was very into playing so she took a late nap. After we picked E up from Grandma and Grandpa's we headed home. E helped me cook tonight by being the waitress. M didn't like being sent to the basement too much at all. After dinner and a quick walk, it was time for program and bed. Both girls had a hard time going down tonight.

The chair that they are both trying to sit in is a "monkey see, monkey do" chair, they both totally ignore it, but once one is sitting the other one HAS to be too!

September 4- The girls had breakfast with Ama and Ada, and got a little time with Teddy this morning. E went to 4K, and M stayed with Ama and Ada. I was lucky, I got to see M and the gang for breakfast (at coffee break). I love getting the chance to see her during the day. After work and school, E and I pretended to be fairies and went for a walk, we found thee cicadas (making us bug fairies). We got to spend a little time with R before heading in.

September 3- Teddy in in WI for a quick visit, so we went to Ama and Ada's tonight. We spent some time on the deck visiting. E wanted to play kickball, but refused to wear sunscreen, so instead she sat on the deck. We had dinner, and some more visiting, then the girls got new PJs.

This was E's first time getting hot lunch at school, and it was a success!

September 2- It was dada's first day of school today, everyone did a nice job of working together this morning to make sure that he wasn't late. We are still working out the kinks of being a one car family, but we are getting it down. It most comes into play as we try to navigate work and school.

September 1- We had a nice, relaxing labor day. We started out the day with a trip to the Zoo. We haven't had too many family trips there this summer, so it was nice to sneak another one in. Ama and Ada came too. On this trip, we even went into the aviary (something E usually doesn't want to do). After the zoo, we had our traditional lunch at Hong Kong Cafe along with a picnic, the girls must have been starving because the both ate an entire entree! After quite time, we played at home. E and I went to Toys R Us, and she was very excited to get Barbie Juice

August 31- We went to the Bristol Renaissance Faire today, it was me and the girls first trip to a Faire of that size. We got there just in time for the jousting (which was something E and dada both really wanted to see) and then spent the rest of the time wandering around taking in the sites. Dada and E also got to shoot bow and arrows (E has always wanted to be like Merida). We had some food on a stick, and E got some nice face painting done.

August 30- We started out the morning getting our family pictures taken, and were planning a last trip to Circus World, but the weather turned bad. So we went downtown to the Children's Museum and Farmers Market. M and I stayed at the Museum where she had a ball in the water room. She got so wet other parents would literally gasp when the saw her (we had a change of clothes). She played in the phone booth, and really liked running around the kid area. We had pizza for lunch and then stopped for balloon animals on the way back to the car, E got a penguin and M got a "corn dog" (a plain yellow balloon)