Friday, January 31, 2014

January 31- Today I spent half the day with M and then we picked E up "three early" from daycare. M and I had a great time running errands, she was talking up a storm today, she had stuff to say all the time, and even talked to the people we met on our errands. Once we got home, E asked if she could have a turn holding M, and they had a very nice snuggle.

Today was also M's 10 month birthday, it was hard to get her to hold still for her picture. She's a gal on the go most of the time.

January 30- We are so lucky to have breakfast every Thursday with Ama and Ada, its a wonderful tradition that has been going on for several years now. Each Thursday, I go to work a bit late and we meet at Mickie's. E has a cinnamon, and the rest of us have eggs and potatoes.

After breakfast, the girls get to spend a day with Ama and Ada, they always have a wonderful time, they usually go to open gym or library story hour. On this Thursday, M had to go to the doctor's to get her ears checked, but Ama and E went to the library. They made a nice art project which is hanging in my office.

January 29- M got to spend some quality time with dada, while E and I went to Target. M is getting better and better at getting into everything in the basement, E has learned that none of her stuff is safe!

January 28- It was a PJ day at our house, Daddy had a snow day from school and stayed in all day with Miss M. It had been a long time since Daddy and M had had  day just to themselves, they both really enjoyed it.

January 27- No picture :(

We had to take our car in to the shop this evening and while there, E fell in the parking lot. So we went off to urgent care to get her cut looked at. By the time we got home, we were so frazzled, we forgot!

January 26- Daddy's action figures have always been a Daddy and E thing, so M was excited to finally get a chance to play with all that cool stuff! She made herself right at home, and found a comfy way to sit on some of them.

Monday, January 27, 2014

January 25- First taste of watermelon, and its a hit! E and M ate an entire half pound deli container of watermelon for a snack. We had a busy day, dada and Grandpa Ada had to fix our car, so it was just the girls. We went mall walking with Ama and had a pizza lunch, then to the grocery store. No one napped, so we spent the afternoon hanging around the house and playing.

January 24- E discovered that the Build a Bear box could double as a mask, she can peek out of the eye holes. M thinks its pretty funny.

January 23- Momma's girl, today M was just a touch under the weather, she wouldn't go far from her momma. She's starting to have a bit of separation anxiety, but nothing too bad (yet!)

January 22- M's favorite place is the bath tub. She loves it with water and without. I usually follow her up stairs, she heads right to the bathroom, and tries to crawl in. Some days she plays in the tub, with tub toys and no water. Other days, I give in and we have bath/play time.

January 21- M LOVES to open and close her sister's door. She has no understanding of how doors work, so after this picture, she started crying because it wouldn't shut (her foot was in the way), she is always trying to open and shut her sister's door, but she hates it when her sister shuts it, and she is on the wrong side.

January 20-E took the girls to Build a Bear today. It was a reward for E for quite a bit of good behavior, cooperation, and good bed times. But, M had a great time too. She loved this pony on roller skates because it could travel around the store. That evening, the girls spent some time with Ama and Ada as well.

January 19- this experience taught E the phrase "Monkey See, Monkey Do." Just before I took this picture, M was in an all out struggle with E for E's cup. But, once she had a cup of her own, no problem.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Busy weeks

Our weeks have seemed busy lately, we don't seem to be doing anything out of the ordinary, but we seem to get home late from work and daycare, eat dinner, play a bit and then bed time.

January 18- E ALWAYS wants to help with her sister, usually feeding her. Last night she got her chance. We switched our "name spots" (something they have at daycare which says where each kid sits) so she was sitting in my spot, and I was in hers. Apparently, once she was in my spot, it also meant that she was in charge of feeding M. Dinner went fairly well despite this.

January 17- M's favorite activity is walking around and carrying things. It doesn't matter what the thing is, she's got to be holding something while she walks. She loves carrying this teapot because there are lots of things to take in and out.

January 16- M loves to climb up stairs, she can't stay away from them! She and I spend a lot of time going up and down. Here, she just made it up the first step, and has a little way to go to get to the rest of them.

January 15- Walking and carrying again! Generally, she likes to carry paper, since when you get tired of carrying it, you can take a little bit!

January 14- M is wearing her PJs here, because we tried, and failed, to put her to bed. We took her downstairs to play so she wouldn't wake her sister, and she played with her videogame controller, and then tried to eat this book.

January 13- We've been having dance parties lately, E dressed up as the butterfly queen (wings, Snow White costume), I wear a beautiful long dress, and M doesn't need to dress up. We dance to "Call Me Maybe" several times per night.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

January 12- Today was one of those divide and conquer days, of which we seem to have many with two kids. In the morning, M and I went to have her 9 month pictures taken, it was quite an experience. She did great at first, but for the end of the session she needed to have Cheerios between each shot (and sometimes during the shot!). We came home for some playtime, before E and I headed out to try ice skating, we skated for 6 minutes (they didn't even charge us for skate rental) before she was done. We played in the snow, before getting a snack. Back at home, there was more playtime, and Miss M got to spend some quality time with E's lunch box. At this point, each girl seems to think that the other's toys are the most fun. M is too little to be bothered by it, except when E rips something out of her hand, but in a few months, I don't think that is going to fly!

January 11- M has been teething something fierce lately, she will chew on anything! One of her favorites is the puff can. Today was a little bit of E focused since she was invited to two birthday parties, but it was nice for M, since she got one-on-one time with each parent.

January 10- You can see M's rock and roll hair, its the result of tubby time! The highlight of the day by far was playing in the tub with both girls, E was splashing in a way that M found hilarious, and M was cracking up. At one point E paused and said "M, you are the best sister ever."

January 9- Accidental co-sleepers, M has started waking several times at night and we are just too tired to keep sitting up with her, so she sleeps with us for part of the night, but in truth, we all love it.

January 8- another case of someone else's toys being better then your own. She loves E's baby's bottle, and once E started carrying her bat around like a crutch, M had to have it. Once E was in bed, she was all over it.

January 7- I thought it was so funny that M and Daddy are sitting pretty much the same. It was program time, which is the time when E gets to watch TV. We try pretty hard to limit how much she gets to watch, so program time is pretty exciting, she is very into Bubble Guppies right now.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Baby its cold outside

January 6- Just like big Sissy, Miss M likes to do everything that her sister does, all the time. E is still young enough to think that this is fun, most of the time. Sometimes M can be distracted with an age appropriate toy to play with, but once E is up to something, M isn't far behind.

January 5- E was calling us the Packer Family. M finished opening her Christmas gifts today (she fell asleep when we celebrated with Ama and Ada, and we had a nice breakfast with them. We had a Football Party later at our house, but sadly the Packers lost. M was wearing our family's lucky Packer outfit (they never lost when E wore it) but I guess it doesn't have the same luck for M!

January 4- One of M's favorite activities was taking her favorite toys and "giving" them to the Christmas tree (which was inside the playpen). We would regularly find puff containers and other small toys in near the tree. After awhile, as M got more confident standing, she'd try to eat the pine needles, which is why the tree had to go early this year!

On this day M got sick in the middle of the night, but fortunately it was a one time thing. After a slow morning, she was back to her usual self. She went shopping with Ama and momma, while E went sledding with Ada.

January 3- Along with wanting to do everything her sister does, M hates it when she know where E is, and can't get to her. Here she is crying outside the bathroom door, while E is inside. M had her 9 month check up today, it was a bit traumatic, because she saw the Dr. so often when she was young, she now starts screaming when he enters the room. She screamed through the visit, screamed through getting her blood drawn, and screamed through her hip x-ray. The good news was that her hips look good, and we shouldn't have to worry about them any more.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Another 365 project!

On E's first new year, I started a project to document a year of her life, so with Miss M's first new year, I have the same goal, a picture a day for the entire year. As the second child, I try to make sure that she doesn't miss out in terms of memories, but since I just tried to recap our year, and it appears as though we didn't take many pictures this summer, clearly I am missing some things.

My goal with this project is to focus on M, while I'm sure that E will be in some pictures and stories of things we do with her will appear, the goal is to record the life and times of M, or as we will to call her Matter-Tatter-Tastic!

January 1
Already a day late! M turned 9 months old on New Year's Eve, but after celebrating at US Bank Eve, she was too tired for pictures, so here she is one day late

January 2
Sometimes we joke that M is the smiliest baby in the world, somehow she knows to smile while the camera is on her! Its a huge change from her sister, who hardly smiled at all when she was a baby. E is still really hard to get to smile in pictures!