Friday, August 29, 2014

August 29- There are moments M looks just like her sister, and this is one of them. Today was the second day of school, and our second day back in our routine. We are getting better at it, although the true test comes on Tuesday, when we've got to get dada to school on time too. We are all carpooling together right now, which is nice, but certainly hectic. Today, I dropped E off at school where she played on the playground for a bit before heading down to her classroom. She acted like an old pro, barely even looking back when I said goodbye.

M got to spend the day with Ama and Ada, I think it is so good for her to have quality one on one time like that. I think one of the harder things about a second child is the lack of one on one time with either of them. They had a good time going out for breakfast and playing.

After work and school, we got to go to the girls friend A's birthday party. It was M's first kid-party, and she had a great time. She loved playing outside with bubbles (E had a good time with pool noodles), M ate pretty well, and after the "big" kids went to play, she contented herself with snacking on their left over cake.

August 28- Today was E's first day of 4K, she had a wonderful time! Dada an I dropped her off, and she ran right into her classroom and sat on the rug for storytime. I got some reports from Ama and Ada throughout the day and they said she seemed to have a good time at recess. She liked lunch in the cafeteria, and the playground.

M had a big day too, they played outside all morning, and even went to the zoo!

After work and school, E got to pick a restaurant for dinner, she picked McDonald's of course. We had an early bedtime, which was different for us. M protested quite a bit, but she fell asleep and slept through the night (something she hadn't done the last two nights). E was asleep by 8, which is rare!

I asked E what she wanted to be when she grew up and she said "I want to work from home."

August 27- This morning, E and I went to school to visit her classroom. Initially, she wasn't too interested, but when she got to the dollhouse, she was hooked. In the evening we headed back to school for an ice cream social. E loved picking out different toppings for her ice cream, and M was thrilled to get her own bowl too, we played on the playground for a bit, M is fearless on the slide. At the top, you always have to tell her to sit down, otherwise it seems like she might just keep going!

August 26- Today was the girls last day with dada, and E and dada had a "daddy daughter day." The girls started out with Grandpa Ada this morning, in the early afternoon, dada picked up E and they had Rocky Rococo's for lunch, and built a Lego model. They picked M up from Ada's early, and had some nice playtime around the house. When I got home from work, we pretended to be wolves for a little bit, had dinner (E proclaimed grilled pineapple "not bad") and then E and dada had a movie party. M and I took a nice long walk and even played in the big sandbox with R and her mom.

When M and I got home, it was time for the movie credits, or as we call it, time to dance.

August 25- Today was Ama's birthday, so we got to celebrate with her this afternoon. We had a birthday party, with a cake that E made and decorated with sprinkles. Sadly, we forgot our camera, so we had to take our picture after.

After we got home, dada went to a party, and I tried to do bedtime on my own. Needless to say, when dada got home, everyone was still up.

August 24

August 23- We started the day with a breakfast picnic, and sand table time. We went to the Verona Public Library today to see the History Tour, the girls like the old time badminton game, but were mostly excited to play with the library's toys, went to church in the evening, and had dinner (and ice cream) at Culvers. E was today's photographer.

August 22- M had been sleeping through the night in her own bed since about the first of August, the early morning of Aug. 22, was her first time with us in a while.

August 21- M helping me with my knitting.

August 19- Pile on daddy

August 18- M just loves these sunglasses! Sometimes I have to wear them, but she usually likes to keep them for herself.

August 17- We asked E what she wanted to do while in MN, and her response was to see Natie, Annie, and Coco puppy, so we visited with them prior to heading home. We stopped and had a picnic at a park near their house with "Subway sandwiches" (the only kind E will eat). M loved seeing the dog and wandering the park.

M napped for about an hour of the car ride, and then sobbed the rest of the time. We took a much needed stop at the Wisconsin Dells and had dinner at Buffalo Phil's E loved the amusement park aspect, and even won some nice prizes playing the games.

August 16- We were at Titi's today, and all the kids played in the pool and with other water toys today. They were also busy around the house. M really hit it off with little, who called M, "my baby" it was nice to see little E take such good care of M, and have a nice time with her. M is at the age where she plays in parallel with other kids, and it was nice to see her have a little more interaction.

August 15- This morning was M's first trip to the dentist, and E's third. E has been asking to go back ever since last time, since she got a prize. Both girls did a great job, and no one cried! After the dentist, we started our trip to MN, the girls did ok in the car, M didn't nap nearly as long as we had hoped. E kept herself pretty entertained. We stopped at Como Park Zoo, for a quick visit, then went to Titi's. We got there nice and early, so we got to have dinner and some playtime which was great. Both girls (and their parents had a great time)

Thursday, August 14, 2014

August 14- Today E spent the morning at work with me. We caught the bus, which she was very excited about, walked to campus, and got to my office. The first order of business was applying lip balm, then we could put our snacks away and get coffee. E watched two movies (Hercules and Mulan). We had coffee break and E got to put her feet in the water. After a little more work, we had lunch at the Union with Ama and Ada. E had a hot dog like always. We got blue moon ice cream and mint chocolate cookie. There was almost a meltdown when they were put in the same bowl, but E got through it. After she left my work, she got to spend some time with Ama and Ada.

Dada and M spent the day together, its something they don't get to do all that often. They ran errands, had some nice playtime around the house. M started "honking" her nose, then honking dada's nose. She's also become really interested in high fiving, she even tried to high five the cashier at the grocery store.

When we got home from work, the girls got to play outside with their friends, there were lots of outdoor toys, and running around.

August 13-  M is really starting to be able to entertain herself (sometimes) today she played with the Sophia the First family on the couch nicely for a while. We registered E for 4K today, I can't believe she is off to school this year. While we did that, E and M played with Ada for a little bit. They had a great time. 

The girls had another big day, they went to the zoo with dada. 

August 12- The girls had a huge day today, they started the morning with a trip to the mechanic, so they walked to the mall. Once they were their they walked around the mall and played. E got to do some school shopping with Grandma. The girls and dada had lunch at HyVee, and then the girls went to grandma and grandpa's house for some playtime. E had gymnastics in the afternoon, which is her favorite activity.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

August 11- I thought this dinner was remarkable because of the variety of food M insisted on eating. She's got watermelon, bread sticks, pizza, peas, a hamburger bun, and meatballs. While she clearly didn't finish it all, she made a dent. And she was in the best mood the whole meal.

 August 10- Today was a big day! We started the day with a trip to Olbrich Gardens to see the butterfly exhibit, and then we looked (ran) around the outside gardens. Ama and Ada came along with us. After we had finished at the gardens, we had lunch at Ella's Deli, it was both girls first trip there and they were impressed.  It was hard to say which was E's favorite decoration, she had a great time looking at all of them. After lunch, we went for a ride on the carousal, E picked the bench as usual, but I sat M on a horse. We think it was her first time going up and down on a carousal, she smiled the whole time and said "weeee." After lunch, E, Ama, Ada, and I went out for ice cream and E discovered that she likes mint chocolate chip!

August 9- We start most of our weekend days with a breakfast picnic, sometimes our friends join us, but other days its just us. E and I made cookies this afternoon, and then E and dada went to church. We are trying to get E into the habit, since she'll be going to catholic school next year. So far, her biggest concern is that snack time seems to only be for the adults.

 August 8

August 5- Dada has some work to do today, and M was clearly helpful!

August 4- I cut my finger at work, and M insisted that she needed a band aid on her finger too.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Conversations with a Bean

E: After Costco, we're going to science class
A: Oh, sounds good
E: And, after science class, we'll go down to the other end [of her old daycare] and then go trick-or-treating
A: Ok, what are our costumes going to be?
E: I'm a princess, and I'm already in my costume. You are a vampire in a swimming suit, you're not in a your costume.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

August 3- Today was Grandma and Grandpa's 40th wedding anniversary. We celebrated with they by attending church and having brunch with  them and dada's aunt and uncle. The girls had a great time, and were very well behaved. Although brunch was upstairs, and I'm guessing M and I walked up and down 20 times. After quiet time (which I spent sleeping on E's floor) E and I went to Costco and the grocery store. E had an elaborate snacking plan for Costco, which involved staggering our treat purchases (smoothie, ice cream, and churro) so that some could be eaten at home.

After only cooking once last week, we are ready to get back to the normal thing of having food around.

August 2- We went to the downtown farmers market this morning, which is a treat for E, since we always get a bag of popcorn bigger then her! We strolled around the square and snacked and shopped. After a while we stopped for a picnic and some running around.  M kept trying to run back onto the sidewalk into the crowd. We headed home for quiet time, M took a very short nap, she fell asleep in the car, and the transfer didn't work so well. We went back for more playtime and a picnic, Teddy helped with tubbies, and it was time to say goodbye.

August 1- Today, at long last, Teddy was here to visit. E has been asking every day this week when he would get here, and today it was! We started with breakfast at Mickies, and then the girls went to Ama and Ada's to play. They played all day, and wore Teddy out. When I got to Ama's they were playing in the sprinkler, and were having a wonderful time. We got to go out for fish fry (M likes fish) and then we played at Ama and Ada's just a bit more. We headed home for bedtime, and everyone was out quick!

I don't know why we didn't get the camera out with Teddy. M loves the dish washer for some reason, every time its open, she is right on it.

This visit with Teddy was a little different for E, usually it takes her a little while to warm up, but this time, she was ready for him right away. M on the other hand was ready to give hugs immediately. This is one of those personality differences I'm curious to see when they are older.

July 31- Things are starting to get back to normal around here. Today, M spent the morning at home, and the afternoon with Grandpa. Dada and E spent the day at home. The girls got to play with their friends this morning, and again in the afternoon. E finally got her Doc McStuffin's kit to check over her dada, and M likes to chew on the blood pressure bulb. Both girls helped me cook dinner, M sampling the red peppers and summer squash, E helping by doing the dishes.

July 30- It was our 9th anniversary today! Today M went over to Grandma and Grandpas, and E whet to Ama and Ada's. M got to go to the grocery store, and Grandma and Grandpa report that she loved sitting in the cart and looking for Grandma in the store. Once everyone was home, we played outside with water and all the little girls for a nice long while, we didn't have dinner until 7, which is pretty much unheard of for us! I recently bought us some more spoons and water toys, so they were getting a workout.

After our anniversary dinner, we had cupcakes (momma and dada) and the girls had cake pops. I offered E a cupcake, but she said she prefered the pop.

July 29- We had sort of a crazy day, M went to Ama and Ada's and E and dada stayed home. We started out the morning with E's last dance class, so it was a family watch day. It was a little hard with M there, she kept trying to get onto the dance floor. Then, I headed to work and took M to Ama and Ada's house, they said that she had a great time. After work, we played with water for a bit, before heading to HyVee for dinner. HyVee is our favorite restaurant these days, since its fast and everyone can get exactly what they want.

July 28- Today I got one of the scariest phone calls that I have ever gotten. I got back to my desk after a long all staff meeting, and dada's mom was calling to tell me their had been a car accident. Dada was in the emergency room, and the girls were at their grandparents house. I left work immediately, to the ER since the girls had been checked over and pronounced fine (I'm so grateful for car seats). Ama, Ada, and I spent most of the afternoon at the ER, and then cleaning out our totaled green van.

The girls handled (and are handling) things pretty well, apparently their was a woman at the scene with children, who knew how to talk to them, and the right things to say. It helps that M is too young to remember, and E doesn't understand what could have happened in that situation. Dada is ok, he is pretty banged up, but recovering.

July 27- Today was the last day of our staycation, we celebrated by having a nice day together as a family. We didn't do anything too out of the ordinary. But Ama and Ada helped us celebrate by having the girls over for a little while.

Also today, E moved out of a toddler bed into a big girl bed. Her toddler bed literally collapsed, so it was time. M had to play while the toddler bed was put together, she sat on the floor and sprayed herself with a water bottle in the face, she thought it was pretty funny!

July 25- I don't remember too much of what we were doing today, all I remember is that I asked M if she wanted to go outside, and she went and got her purse!

July 26- Today we were lucky enough to play with our friends all morning. When the weather is nice, we get out chalk, bubbles, or a bucket of water and pretty much play the day away. In the afternoon, we headed to the mall for a special visit with Princess Anna from Frozen. E was a little intimiated to meet a Princess up close.

M wasn't too interested, but she says Anna and points at pictures her. After the Princess, we had ice cream at the mall.

July 24- We had promised E a trip to the Disney Store, and since we didn't end up staying on Michigan Ave. we went to the one in Schaumburg. E did pretty well not asking for tons of stuff, but there were some moments. She had planned to get an Aerial doll and a Tiana doll, and the store didn't have Tiana in the small size, which caused a conflict.

M had a great time in the play area, the kids weren't too wild, so she really got to move around and explore without getting run into by big kids. After the mall, we headed home to begin our "staycation" which is a word E thinks is pretty funny.

July 23- Today we went to the Shedd Aquarium. I was a little surprised that E didn't seem very excited to go. She is hard when staying at a hotel, she usually wants to just play there, and not do too much vacation type stuff. We saw the dolphins and belugas, and lots of other animals. M's favorite part was the water play area (big surprise) and another area with a big table she could stand under.

After the Shedd we went to the Field Museum, E loved it, she and dada got to see the dinosaurs and most of the Museum. M fell asleep after a little while, and I ended up holding her. We left the Museum's in time to get back to the hotel for happy hour snacks and a swim in the pool. E has been wanting to take a "late night swim" and I tried to convince her this was it, but I'm not sure she bought it.