Sunday, November 16, 2014

November 16- Today we got lots done. The girls and I took a nice snow walk this morning, M and E both made snow angels. E had her traditional snowy morning breakfast of a bowl of snow, M didn't know what to think. Then we played around the house, and ran a few errands. After quite time, E and I went to see Stella Queen of the Snow, which E enjoyed. She wasn't expecting puppets, so it took her a little while to warm up. We had a dinner party and a dance to round out the evening. 

November 15- We had pretend Thanksgiving today. We started the day at swimming lessons, and M had a great time. E did well too, she was proud of her kicking today. Then we had lunch at home before heading to Ama and Ada's for the rest of the day. The girls played with their uncles and grandparents, E made pumpkin pie, and then we all had Thanksgiving dinner. 

November 14-Today Teddy got to go with M to school, and then pick up E from school, so both girls got lots of good Teddy time. We had fish fry with Ama, Ada, and Teddy. M actually ate some fish bites, she is generally a good eater, so I wasn't to surprised.

November 13- Tonight was one of those nights that I wasn’t home very much. Dada and the girls had a nice evening together with a small movie party. When I got home, it was time for tubbies (and M’s first accident in the tub) and bed. M and I have started reading the “baby” book, which was a favorite of E’s when she was little, so its fun to read it for M.

November 12- Teddy is home for a visit, and is making the most of his time. He got to spend the morning with M, and they went to breakfast at one of his favorite restaurants, Cleveland’s. He reports that M gave him lots of hugs and kisses. In the evening, we took the girls to an “adult restaurant” at which they did pretty well. There was more walking around then I was hoping for. But, overall they did pretty well. Both girls were exhausted when we got home and fell asleep almost immediately.
Tonight, M lost her lollipop and cried and cried about it, but it was easy to find!

November 11- Dada had teachers conferences tonight, so it was just the girls for the evening. We were supposed to swap girls with the neighbors for some playtime, but R was sick. We decided to have A over anyway, and she played with E and M. We made Chex Mix, had dinner, and the girls played the princess cupcake game.

M was funny tonight, it was the most naughty that I’ve seen her be. She wanted to be in with the big girls constantly. She wouldn’t leave them alone for anything. She would get right into what they were doing and try to play. Once A was home, she wouldn’t leave E alone, she would walk up and hit her, have a time out, give E a hug and kiss, and then get right back in E’s face and hit again.

November 10- On the 11th, M was all over E, tonight, E was all over M. In the picture above, M is running away, and E is chasing her. E wanted to put a “belt” on M, and M wasn’t having it.

November 9- Today we spent a lazy day around the house. Neither girl changed out of their jammies. E wanted to make cookies, but I couldn’t even get her to change to make ingredients. E got out her ribbon stick for dancing and M wanted to dance too. She solved her own problem by getting her ribbon ring to dance with.

November 8- It was my birthday today and the girls and dada gave me a great birthday. They brought me coffee and breakfast in bed (which M wanted to share with me). They spent the morning with dada, while I relaxed. We had dinner with Ama, Ada, and Grandma and Grandpa at Nitty Gritty, and then headed home for naps. We had some nice playtime then the girls went to Ama and Ada’s while we went out for dinner. They had make-your-own pizza, and both E and M ate more pizza then anyone had ever seen either of them eat!

November 7- We had a funny evening, we picked dada up at happy hour, and then did a bit of shopping at Hilldale. E needed new shoes, which we managed to find for her. Then we had dinner at Famous Dave’s where the girls shared some corn dogs and played with the video poker machine (no gambling for them though!)

November 6- M looked so cute this morning sleeping with her tump in the air, she is so cheerful when she wakes up, it’s fun getting her up in the morning. But, shortly after, she woke up, and we did a little rock-a-babying. E heard us, and came running, so I got to start the day with snuggles from both of my girls.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

November 5- This morning, like every morning this week, M and E have both wanted Halloween candy for breakfast. Their have been quite a few tears over that issue. Today, I was along when Ada and M picked up E from school and then we hurried home so dada could make a doctor appointment. It was great timing, we got to play outside with A and A. The girls played soccer for awhile and then the little ones played on the swings for a long time. The big ones swung for awhile too.

We had a dinner picnic on the living room floor and E actually ate her entire dinner! At bedtime, we've got some new traditions. M and I read three stories (Curious George and the Puppies and two others) then she and dada rock while they listen to the Mickey music box.

November 4- Today we took the girls to vote before school. We had high hopes for the election, which were dashed. The girls enjoyed voting and the stickers they got. In the evening, we were surprised by a night "off" as the girls played at the neighbors houses. M got to play with A, and to see their kitty, which she was so excited about. M had a hard bedtime, I had to rock her until she fell asleep, which is unusual. E was worn out, the time change has been hitting her hard!

November 3- Today I finally heard M's new word "no" she has used it exactly twice. Both times, she says it like its no big deal and she talks all the time, even though that isn't the case. In the morning, E did some lovely hair styling with M, I'm assured that even though it doesn't look like it, M was excited to have her hair done. Apparently, she asked Ada to put them back into her hair at nap time. Both girls had an early bed time, as they adjusted to the time change. M woke up in the middle of the night, which she doesn't often do.

November 2- We spent some time around the house today, and M spent some time wearing big girl undies! She is pretty good about using the potty, but she's not quite there yet! Because of daylight savings time, the girls were up by 6:15, and ready to roll. Dada and I were exhausted, we ran through all the activities by 10:30! We did get some new markers, and the girls had a great time coloring, they found a new coloring spot, on the steps, but it requires some close watching so that the walls don't end up with a new decoration.

E and dada went to a karate birthday party, but E was scared of the karate, and so they left. In the evening, they girls went over to Ama and Ada's house of a taco party.

Saturday, November 1, 2014


November 1- Today was probably one of M's most favorite days ever. She got one on one time with both parents. She and dada spent the morning together while E and I were at Fossil class, and then she and I got some one on one time while E and dada went to church. The thing I think M liked most about the day was getting to play with and walk our neighbor's dog. She absolutely loved holding the leash, and walking with the dog. We played together inside for awhile, she pretended to feed E's baby doll, and then made a nice picture out of glitter glue.

It was also a first today, the first time that she has insisted on wearing a dress up dress.

October 31- We did quite a bit of Halloween celebrating today. We started the day with Halloween pancakes at IHOP with Ama and Ada and then the girls went to their house for the day. They got to go to the Children's Museum for the second day in a row, which E thought was amazing. M had a great time in the water room, and apparently got completely soaked.

We picked the girls up early, grabbed dinner and costumes, and went to trick or treat at the mall with A and A. The girls got tons of candy, and had a great time. M liked choosing candy from the big bowl, and wandering around the mall.

Then, we got home, put on warmer clothes, and went out to the nieghborhood. M lost interest after two houses, so she and dada went home, E, R, A, and A kept going and made a big loop around the neighborhood.

October 30- E didn't have school today, so she spent the day with Ama and Ada, they said they loved getting the chance to spend the day with her. Grandma and Grandpa dropped off a Halloween cake, and the girls decorated it. E had a hard time putting on the frosting, but they both liked putting on the sprinkles.

We had to go out tonight to get E new shoes, she wore holes through her other pair, and refuses to wear the tennis shoes she and dada got at the end of the summer. She picked boots, and looks adorable in them. However, she refused to get a second pair of shoes. She had her heart set on the boots, and every other pair made her fall down. We had dinner at the food court and played in Build a Bear and the play area.

October 29- The girls started out the day with breakfast at Mickies (and I spent the whole day thinking it was Thursday, since that is our regular breakfast day). Then M had a playdate with the grandson of Ama and Ada's friend. In the evening, Ada and I took the girls to trick or treat on State Street. It only took M a few stores to get the idea of trick or treating, she started walking right up to bowls and grabbing candy. She had such a big smile, and was so cute in her costume, no one cared that she took more then one piece. We made it from the Historical Society to the Overture Center where we watched a magic show before heading back. I have never seen E enjoy a show like that one, it was so fun to watch her.

E had her class Halloween party today, she wore her costume all day, and they participated in a costume parade and had lots of snacks.

October 28- Tonight we had the little girls to play at our house, and they had a good time with each other. We have two cash registers, which helped because they were able to each use one. We decided that M would be  a monkey for Halloween since she it was a warm costume. She loved being a monkey and even wore the costume while playing with A. M and ada have been heading to the park as much as possible this week to make the most of the nice weather.

October 27- The weather was beautiful today and M and Ada went to the park. I dropped E off at school this morning, it was nice to see all her classmates again. We are working to get back in the swing of things, but we got out of the house as best as we could.

M has been so into these Halloween decorations, she is always very gentle with them, and likes to make sure they are matched up just right.

October 26- The weather was great today, we had a very nice family day. The girls and I had an outside picnic for lunch today, not something I expected in late October. We carved pumpkins before dinner. E was so excited to do this and couldn't wait to get started. She made a great pumpkin, although she didn't want to touch the insides. M liked drawing on her pumpkin, and tried to use a child knife to carve. In the end, she played while I finished hers.

October 16- Today was a beautiful fall day, so M, Ama and Ada got to spent a lot of time outside. M and Ama went to play at Hoyt, and M really enjoyed being with the other kids. After work today, M and I took a quick walk to stare at our neighbor's cat Gracie. Gracie likes to look out the window between the two sections of blinds which M find amusing.

After that we headed for dinner at Costco, as usual, M ate a great meal, she loved wandering the store. E picked out a few great Halloween costumes for her. But we decided to hold off.

In the picture above, the girls are fighting over the soda we got at Costco, they were trying to alternate after 2 sips each. But, M doesn't understand alternating, and E isn't shy about ripping it out of her sister's hand.

October 15- Today dada took E to gymnastics, so M and I had a nice hour together. We played all over the house (with nothing longer then 3 minutes) then we took a walk. Right before the walk I asked M if she wanted a snack. She nodded yes, and then said "affle" (apple). This is really one of the first times M has used words in that way. Generally, she just identifies things and points them out. Her words so far are: key, pool, balloon (booo), momma, dada, sissy, Ama, and Boppa.

We had a nice family dinner, and then the girls took a tubby were M tried to eat all the bubbles with a spoon.

M has also discovered our dryer balls. she now loves helping me fold clothes (where she tries to reach in and grab the balls), and putting the wet clothes into the dryer.

October 14- Tonight the big girls played at our house while M and her friend A played at R's house. M had a great time, and R's mom reports that she was very sweet, at one point choosing to stop playing and help cook.

E and the big girls had a good time too. We did a few different art projects, they are also getting pretty good at entertaining themselves, which is nice. One of my favorite parts of the evening was listening to them talk to each other, and listening to how they felt things were run at our house.

October 13- M has a new favorite thing, her Mickey Mouse music box. As soon as she wakes up, she calls for Sissy to turn it on. She likes it to be playing while she nurses, during diaper changes, and pretty much any time we are in her room. M and Ada came to coffee break today, M is starting to get braver at break, she points to each person around the table, and for a minute today, I thought she was going to ask to be on someone else's lap!

October 12- M got a new car seat for grandma and grandpa's car, and E had the idea to color on the box the seat came in. Both girls had a great time working on that project. M and dada got some nice time together today, since E and I went to the Packer Party at her school. During the beginning of the game we made sandwiches to be delivered to a shelter. Despite being 4, I think E was one of the hardest workers there. She was originally in charge of scooping jelly onto bread. After doing that for a little while, she switched to putting sandwiches in paper bags. She filled bags faster then I could open them.

In the evening, the girls went over to Grandma and Grandpa's house. I overhead a funny exchange on the way out. After Grandma told E they were having spaghetti, E said "well then M has to eat naked babies" and Grandma told her she didn't think people should be naked at the table. Well, E was right, M came home covered in sauce!

October 11- Today was our friend A's birthday, she had an amazing Frozen themed party. E has decided she wants the same party in March. Both girls went to the party, and they both had a lot of fun. E liked all the activities, and M liked being around the big kids and being part of the fun. At one point, I tried to take M home, and she followed me right back to the party!

In the afternoon, E and I made cookie bars (she has been asking to make cookies for a long time now) and we played outside to take advantage of the beautiful fall day.

October 10- Today was a bit different, E didn't have school today, so we started out the day with a leisurely breakfast at home. Then M had her 18 month check up and E was scheduled for a flu shot. Both girls were amazing at the doctor. M didn't cry (she used to cry from the second she saw the doctor) and E entertained herself for the most part. 

M continues to be a nice, normal size. Although I'm not sure how tall she is, the first time they measured her it was clearly short, and the second time seems to tall. She weights 21.8 pounds.

After the doctor, both girls went to M's school. E has been so curious about M's school and has asked lots of great questions about it, so it was really nice for her to see it. Then after lunch, E got to march in dada's school's homecoming parade (and M got to watch). E really liked the parade, and got lots of candy. Then, in the evening, the girls, Dada, and Ada had dinner together while Ama and I went to a resale.