Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June 29- According to dada, E never makes a mess when its just the two of them, he things I bring it out of her.  I'm not sure how this could possibly be my fault!  E had a very, very busy day today, she went to the zoo, played at the Vilas park playgrond, visited the kids at her old daycare, and played outside with some of the neighbors.  But, after all that, she still had the energy to empty the bookshelf.

June 28- Going to work everyday is hard in the best of times, but leaving behind a little girl who is ready to snuggle, as opposed to her usual desire to run around non-stop, makes it particullarly difficult. E is still sleeping with duck duck and elephant blanket.  After a cozy start to the day, got busy playing and refused to nap. After I got home we went wading in the swimming pool where E practiced her kicking, and played on the swings.

E had a wild streak in the evening, having two separate crashes, one on her cheek and the other on her nose.  Luckily nothing a little cuddle and ice couldn't fix.
June 27- E discovered that the area behind the chair works as a tunnel, she also figured out that going behind the chair is a good way to reach things that have been pushed back to the back edge of the coffee table.  E had both parents home today, and had a nice visit with Grandma, and then showed off for Grandma at dinner. 

Sunday, June 26, 2011

June 26- E has started to learn to care for things and people.  She gives pats to kids, touches flowers gently, smells the neighbor's flowers, and other small things. On Wednesday, when we visited Great Grandma, E shared her sippy cup with a baby doll.  Today, she found a wash cloth and used it to put her toy elephant to sleep.  She covered it, and gave it pats.  Later in the day, she also put the TV remote to nite-nite.  Today was also an odd one for E, she ate like crazy!  She had a full breakfast, then she ate my breakfast, lunch, cheese curds, crackers, slices of cheese, a good dinner, and then half a piece of pizza. I'm guessing a growth spurt is on its way!

June 25- We all got up early today and went to the farmer's market (E loved eating fresh snow peas) and then went to Hilldale, E helped dad push the shopping cart.  After a very short nap, E and I went for a walk outside, when E decided that we had to go swimming.  So, she went into our condo complex's pool for the first time in her life.  She loved it!  There were big kids to watch play and E was able to go up and down the pool steps and practice kicking and digging with her hands.  After all that swimming she zonked out for an extra nap. We had her friend A and her parents over for dinner, and the girls had a wonderful time together, with only a few bonks and tears.

June 24- Blowing bubbles is one of E's favorite activities.  She can say the word bubble too.  Although I've started to think that bubble just means outside to her!  We blew bubbles while dad cooked dinner, and then went off exploring.  We went for a nice long walk with A and her dad.  After dinner, we went outside again for just a little more outside time.

June 23- Another day of swimming lessons, and E had a wonderful time.  She got a little off kilter today, since she woke up a little too early.  She and her dad ran a few errands and then E took her nap too early! After swimming she spent the afternoon with Ama and Ted, and even went to the park with Ted, a big step for her! We celebrated dad's birthday with dinner at Outback, and E made it through most of the meal.  Everyone took a turn carrying her around the restaurant.

Here she is "talking" on the phone, although she is less likely to pretend that things are phones, she still loves to play with real phones, she prefers my cell phone, but the house phone is good too.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


This week has been marked by teething.  It started over the weekend when E's temperature hit 102.4 and has continued.  Monday she went to the doctor to make sure she didn't have an infection or impacted tooth, her gums were swollen to three times what they should have been.  Thankfully, nothing was impacted, but her temperature has remained slightly elevated, and we are waiting for the swelling to go down.

June 22- E's new word for today was "doose" (shoes).  She loves to take off and put on her own shoes, and she happily finds shoes and carries them to the person they belong to.  Its usually a sign that she wants to go outside.  Today we also noticed that E is getting better at parroting words back.  We visited Great Grandma, who said "oh my" and suddenly E said "oh my."   E can also now tell you that a sheep says ba and a cow says moo.

June 21- Uncle Jay came for a visit, here he and E are emptying out the DVD cabinet.  E would take out a movie, say "ooooo" and hand it to Jay.  They worked on this project for about 15 minutes, E lost interest in cleaning up.  E and uncle Jay also had dinner together and played with toys.

June 20- Here is E discovering ketchup, or dip, as we've been calling it.  For whatever reason, tonight she decided that she wanted to eat french fries, and ketchup.  Although we've offered her fries before, and offered things to dip, tonight was the first time she ever put dipping food together.  I don't think she actually liked the taste of ketchup, but she liked the process.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day and the Last Day of School

June 19- Today we celebrated Father's Day and dada's birthday.  E had a great time coloring a card for her dad and managed to crawl up the stairs carrying the cards.  We went to Ama and Ada's house for brunch, E loved egg casserole, playing with Ama's toys, and running away from uncle Ted.  We also went for ice cream sundaes, and E actually ate three bites of ice cream, and her traditional empty cone.

We had dinner with Grandma and Grandpa to celebrate both father's day and dada's birthday.  E had a great time at the Nitty Gritty and climbed up and down the stairs many times, and colored the placement. 

June 18- Here is E nearly asleep, but refusing to fall asleep.  Today we went to E's friend L's first birthday party and played with L and T.  All the kids had a wonderful time running and playing. E learned that she liked 7 layer taco dip, which was a huge surprise.  After the party, E was totally wiped out, but a little too wound up to go to bed.  E spent lots of time swinging and playing in her water bucket.  Lately one of her other favorite activities lately is just walking around the condo complex, so we spent a lot of time doing that yesterday.

June17- This was E's last day of daycare, here she is with her favorite Miss Chris. She had a great last day, it was doughnut and dad day, so dada stayed for breakfast, they also painted a picture for dads.  At the end of the day she got to play in the baby room with Miss Chris, so as far as E was concerned, the day was perfect.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

June 16- E is grinning up at her dad, he is the person who bought her this new chair.  She loved it, she spent some time sitting in it, but mostly she liked pushing it around the floor.  E had a big day today, it was her first day of swimming lessons in the shrimp/perch class.  I was so sad to miss it, but she and her dad had a great time, and she was even brave enough to put her face in the water.  That is probably the first time in her whole life E has voluntarily gotten her face wet! After the lessons, she took a nice long nap for her dad, and then went to play with Ama and Ada (and uncle Ted).  She's still a little cautious around her uncle, but she is warming to him.

June 15- E had pajama day at daycare today, and she got chocolate pudding all over her jammies! E was in quite a mood tonight, she only wanted to be held, and refused to eat.  Her dinner was half a graham cracker and this bottle with her dad.  It turns out she is teething pretty badly, which would make anyone upset.  It was also raining, which meant she couldn't go outside or blow bubbles, which she really wanted to do.
June 14- picture coming soon!  We had some technical difficulties, and the picture is saved on the camera, not the memory card!  Its very cute, Miss E is blowing bubbles.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer vaction

June 13- this is one of E's favorite new activities, playing with water, she loves dumping it out, taking drinks, filling containers and shaking them until they are empty, and splashing.  She keeps trying to get cups of water full in the kitchen, but since she just dumps them out, we've started saying no.  Today we played with water outside for just a little bit, and you can see how wet she is.

Today was also E's first day home with her dad for the summer, they were busy bees, they ran errands, signed up for swimming lessons, and played on the swings. 

June 12- Shoes are one of E's favorite new discoveries, she knows which shoes are mine and which are her dads, she then carries the correct shoes to the correct person.  Sometimes she tries to put them on our feet, sometimes she tries to put them on her feet (like she is doing here).  Usually, once she brings us our shoes, she demands to go outside.

Today we walked to the park at the community center near our house for the first time.  E had a great time on the slides and bridges.  On the walk home, she picked many dandelions and tried to blow the fluff, she puts the fluff a little to close to her mouth, and we have to pick the seeds off her lips.  

June 11- I worked this morning, so E and her dad went to the grocery store.  Here is E helping to unpack the groceries.  According to her dad, she was quite helpful!  She passed him items, and he put them away.  Later in the afternoon, E and I went to play with two of her friends, L and T.  The three of them had a great time, L has some great toys, and the kids managed to share fairly well.  L also has a small step stool to look out the window which E loved.

June 10- The last day of school for dad!  He's been looking forward to this day for a long time!  After work, we both picked up E and spent most of the evening playing around home.  We played on the swings (of course), looked at the garden, and visited the neighbors houses (when we are out walking, E likes to climb everyone's steps).

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Last week of school

Its been a busy week around here as we try and make it through the last week of school.  Dad is looking forward to summer vacation, and lots of time spent with E.

May 9- E got her favorite food for dinner tonight, macaroni and cheese, she absolutely loves it!  Grandma (or Amah as E calls her) introduced her to it, and now E eats macaroni every chance she gets.  Its a true testament to how much she likes it that she didn't even bother with the fork, she just used her hands.

May 8- This was one of E's most favorite things, she got to play in the sink with water! She crouched in the kitchen sink for nearly an hour and filled up two large cups.  She also used a plastic shot glass to dump water in her cups, and to take drinks.  She was pretty wet when she got out, but tonight (6/9) she kept asking to get back into the sink!

May 7- the shape sorter has been one of E's favorites for a long time, but she always used to put the shape in the top.  She is just now figuring out how to put the shape in the correct shape.  So far, she is best at the circle, but she is getting better at the star.

May 6- This was one busy day.  E and I visited my old co-workers at the Wisconsin Veterans Museum, E had a great time exploring the library stacks. E also helped with her first piece of archives work, since we had to pick up a collection.  We then visited grandpa and my current co-workers, and E loves the archives work area, so much to get into!  E had lunch at dad's work and got to meet some of his students.  After all that, we went to E's 15 month check up.  She did great, and her doctor says she is right on track, or maybe a little ahead of it!  She weighed in at 18lbs 12oz (putting her back into the 2nd percentile) and was 29.5 inches tall (25th percentile), her head is 40 cm (50th percentile).  She got two shots and was very brave for both of them.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


June 5- This has become a common sight at our house lately, we are either starting the terrible twos early, or have a girl who needs to learn a few more words.  I was originally trying to take a picture of E eating her pasta because she signed "please" mid-meal, and had little tomato handprints on her chest, but as you can see, the meal quickly took a turn for the worse.  E as "all done" and there was nothing we could do to convince her otherwise.

We beat the heat today by playing in a tub of water, E had a great time pouring water from one cup to another and splashing.  Somehow, momma got more water on her then E!

E did pick up a new word today, we were watching 30 Rock and they were talking about wool.  Her dad repeated it, and then E did.  As a knitter, I'm thrilled wih the new word.

June 4- Here is E and her uncle at the farmer's market and cows on the concourse.  She had a great time seeing the cows and was even brave enough to touch one.  The second after she did it, she jumped back.  She was even brave enough to scoot to the front row one time, but again, a cow moved, and she had enough.  After the cows E and I played the grass while everyone else shopped, it was her first visit to the capitol, and she certainly appreciated the the grounds.

Here, E is having a great time with her uncle, she's been a little slow to warm to him this visit, she usually runs away when she sees him, but after a few hours she's ready to play or be held. 

Saturday, June 4, 2011

June 3- Today was one of the days that I hate, while I had fun visiting with friends, I didn't get to see E after work.  She and her dad had a wonderful time, and he taught her how to blow dandelion fluff.  According to him, she only got a little fluff in her mouth.  She managed to go to bed on her own, and even slept through the night!

June 2- We've been having problems lately with E and her bas.  When she was younger, she could have taken or left bottles, but in the past week she has wanted a ba constantly.  She sometimes plays with them, and sometimes she uses them for milk.  E also knows which kitchen cabinet holds the bas, and will patiently walk you into the kitchen to show you and ask one.  When you say no, she throws a huge tantrum.

June 1- sharing a graham cracker with her dad.  E loves to share her food, and couldn't wait to share this treat. E was a little thrown off today after having a long weekend at home with both her parents, but she was excited to go back to day care  Now that she's in the one year old room, the do lots of art projects and have gym class.

We had her dad's mock trial team over for a dinner, which E liked.  She enjoyed the attention of the big girls, but was frustrated that they all had cell phones and refused to share with her.  She and I spent a lot of time outside swinging to distract her.

May 31- E absolutely refused to eat dinner today which is why she is carrying her snack lid around. We let her have snacks in lieu of dinner, but that wasn't enough, she had to walk around with it.  Here, she is about to go up the stairs like a big girl. She is determined not to crawl up stairs any longer, which really worriers her dad and I .She does ok on this step since she can hold on to the wall, but the other stairs are much harder.