Wednesday, June 22, 2011


This week has been marked by teething.  It started over the weekend when E's temperature hit 102.4 and has continued.  Monday she went to the doctor to make sure she didn't have an infection or impacted tooth, her gums were swollen to three times what they should have been.  Thankfully, nothing was impacted, but her temperature has remained slightly elevated, and we are waiting for the swelling to go down.

June 22- E's new word for today was "doose" (shoes).  She loves to take off and put on her own shoes, and she happily finds shoes and carries them to the person they belong to.  Its usually a sign that she wants to go outside.  Today we also noticed that E is getting better at parroting words back.  We visited Great Grandma, who said "oh my" and suddenly E said "oh my."   E can also now tell you that a sheep says ba and a cow says moo.

June 21- Uncle Jay came for a visit, here he and E are emptying out the DVD cabinet.  E would take out a movie, say "ooooo" and hand it to Jay.  They worked on this project for about 15 minutes, E lost interest in cleaning up.  E and uncle Jay also had dinner together and played with toys.

June 20- Here is E discovering ketchup, or dip, as we've been calling it.  For whatever reason, tonight she decided that she wanted to eat french fries, and ketchup.  Although we've offered her fries before, and offered things to dip, tonight was the first time she ever put dipping food together.  I don't think she actually liked the taste of ketchup, but she liked the process.

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