Thursday, June 9, 2011

Last week of school

Its been a busy week around here as we try and make it through the last week of school.  Dad is looking forward to summer vacation, and lots of time spent with E.

May 9- E got her favorite food for dinner tonight, macaroni and cheese, she absolutely loves it!  Grandma (or Amah as E calls her) introduced her to it, and now E eats macaroni every chance she gets.  Its a true testament to how much she likes it that she didn't even bother with the fork, she just used her hands.

May 8- This was one of E's most favorite things, she got to play in the sink with water! She crouched in the kitchen sink for nearly an hour and filled up two large cups.  She also used a plastic shot glass to dump water in her cups, and to take drinks.  She was pretty wet when she got out, but tonight (6/9) she kept asking to get back into the sink!

May 7- the shape sorter has been one of E's favorites for a long time, but she always used to put the shape in the top.  She is just now figuring out how to put the shape in the correct shape.  So far, she is best at the circle, but she is getting better at the star.

May 6- This was one busy day.  E and I visited my old co-workers at the Wisconsin Veterans Museum, E had a great time exploring the library stacks. E also helped with her first piece of archives work, since we had to pick up a collection.  We then visited grandpa and my current co-workers, and E loves the archives work area, so much to get into!  E had lunch at dad's work and got to meet some of his students.  After all that, we went to E's 15 month check up.  She did great, and her doctor says she is right on track, or maybe a little ahead of it!  She weighed in at 18lbs 12oz (putting her back into the 2nd percentile) and was 29.5 inches tall (25th percentile), her head is 40 cm (50th percentile).  She got two shots and was very brave for both of them.

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