Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer vaction

June 13- this is one of E's favorite new activities, playing with water, she loves dumping it out, taking drinks, filling containers and shaking them until they are empty, and splashing.  She keeps trying to get cups of water full in the kitchen, but since she just dumps them out, we've started saying no.  Today we played with water outside for just a little bit, and you can see how wet she is.

Today was also E's first day home with her dad for the summer, they were busy bees, they ran errands, signed up for swimming lessons, and played on the swings. 

June 12- Shoes are one of E's favorite new discoveries, she knows which shoes are mine and which are her dads, she then carries the correct shoes to the correct person.  Sometimes she tries to put them on our feet, sometimes she tries to put them on her feet (like she is doing here).  Usually, once she brings us our shoes, she demands to go outside.

Today we walked to the park at the community center near our house for the first time.  E had a great time on the slides and bridges.  On the walk home, she picked many dandelions and tried to blow the fluff, she puts the fluff a little to close to her mouth, and we have to pick the seeds off her lips.  

June 11- I worked this morning, so E and her dad went to the grocery store.  Here is E helping to unpack the groceries.  According to her dad, she was quite helpful!  She passed him items, and he put them away.  Later in the afternoon, E and I went to play with two of her friends, L and T.  The three of them had a great time, L has some great toys, and the kids managed to share fairly well.  L also has a small step stool to look out the window which E loved.

June 10- The last day of school for dad!  He's been looking forward to this day for a long time!  After work, we both picked up E and spent most of the evening playing around home.  We played on the swings (of course), looked at the garden, and visited the neighbors houses (when we are out walking, E likes to climb everyone's steps).

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