Sunday, June 26, 2011

June 26- E has started to learn to care for things and people.  She gives pats to kids, touches flowers gently, smells the neighbor's flowers, and other small things. On Wednesday, when we visited Great Grandma, E shared her sippy cup with a baby doll.  Today, she found a wash cloth and used it to put her toy elephant to sleep.  She covered it, and gave it pats.  Later in the day, she also put the TV remote to nite-nite.  Today was also an odd one for E, she ate like crazy!  She had a full breakfast, then she ate my breakfast, lunch, cheese curds, crackers, slices of cheese, a good dinner, and then half a piece of pizza. I'm guessing a growth spurt is on its way!

June 25- We all got up early today and went to the farmer's market (E loved eating fresh snow peas) and then went to Hilldale, E helped dad push the shopping cart.  After a very short nap, E and I went for a walk outside, when E decided that we had to go swimming.  So, she went into our condo complex's pool for the first time in her life.  She loved it!  There were big kids to watch play and E was able to go up and down the pool steps and practice kicking and digging with her hands.  After all that swimming she zonked out for an extra nap. We had her friend A and her parents over for dinner, and the girls had a wonderful time together, with only a few bonks and tears.

June 24- Blowing bubbles is one of E's favorite activities.  She can say the word bubble too.  Although I've started to think that bubble just means outside to her!  We blew bubbles while dad cooked dinner, and then went off exploring.  We went for a nice long walk with A and her dad.  After dinner, we went outside again for just a little more outside time.

June 23- Another day of swimming lessons, and E had a wonderful time.  She got a little off kilter today, since she woke up a little too early.  She and her dad ran a few errands and then E took her nap too early! After swimming she spent the afternoon with Ama and Ted, and even went to the park with Ted, a big step for her! We celebrated dad's birthday with dinner at Outback, and E made it through most of the meal.  Everyone took a turn carrying her around the restaurant.

Here she is "talking" on the phone, although she is less likely to pretend that things are phones, she still loves to play with real phones, she prefers my cell phone, but the house phone is good too.

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