Monday, December 8, 2014

December 8- Today M and Ada came to coffee break. It has been a long time since they'd been there, and M had a great time seeing everyone again. She made sure to point out her "momma" to everyone, and also her "Boppa" or sometimes her "Boppy." In the evening, both girls painted, and helped dada cook dinner. M had a great time dancing during the cooking and watching Sesame Street.

December 7- We spent most of the day around the house today. The girls got to play with their friend A, and his baby sister. M loved having a baby at her house, and spent most of the playdate pointing out the baby, and saying "baby, baby, baby." We also finished decorating our gingerbread houses, putting E's together, and M eating candy.

December 6- This morning, M went swimming with dada, and then to Costco with Ama and Ada. E and I had art class, and then met everyone for lunch at Apricot. After quiet time, we decorated gingerbread houses with A, A, and R. M wasn't interested in decorating, but she did love the fact that their were little bowls of candy everywhere. After eating candy, M went to play with dada, and occasionally checked back in with everyone. The girls played around the house, and in E's room, and were totally wild on candy!

December 5- We had a pizza party for dinner tonight, we picked up the girls pizza and they had video games and a lollipop machine. The girls had a good time pretending to play, and eating lollipops. At home we watched the Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, which E thought was amusing, but I think she missed a lot of the plot. 

December 4- Pile on daddy, E wanted to have a fancy diner tonight, so we did. A fancy dinner mostly meant getting out the Christmas dishes, and having hot chocolate with it.

December 3- I thought M looked so cute in these PJs, we always called them the magic PJs when E wore them, so now, E calls them the magic jammies.

December 2

December 1- Much to E's delight, it was finally time to start the Advent Calendar today! Both girls really like the idea of getting chocolate everyday.

November 30- We got our Christmas tree today, and we needed to decorate it right away. We had a hard time convincing her to wait until it relaxed! M was pretty unsure about the tree, once it was in the house and set up, she just looked at it, pointed, and backed away. Then, she noticed that it made pine needles on the floor and didn't like that one bit. She started pointing and grunting, when I used the vacuum to clean them up, she had about had it!

M wasn't too interested in decorating, but E loved it. She liked looking at each ornament, and talking about them or hearing stories about them. 

November 29- Today the girls and I went to Monroe to see their friends E and A. We got there and decorated cookies. M wasn't interested in decorating, but thought it was great when she got a plate of cookies to "eat." Then, we had lunch at McDonalds and played in the playland. Titi took M through the play structure, which she really liked and E went further in the structure then ever before. After some more playtime, including hide and seek and some art, we headed home.

We had a funny drive home,  I was talking to E, and I noticed that she was answering funny, I looked back, and she was slumped over asleep. I was hoping she'd stay asleep when we got home, but no such luck, but girls woke up after a quick nap. We managed to get them both to bed, but it was dicy!

November 28- Today the girls had a jammie day, and we got to play with our friend J. We hadn't seem him in a long time, and it was really fun to watch M play with someone her own age. They , played together pretty well, shared pretty well, and no one hit anyone.

November 27- we celebrated Thanksgiving with everyone at our house, we made the turkey, mashed potatoes, and jello, and everyone brought everything else. E was so excited to have "her guests" over, and spent all day asking when they were coming. She was a wonderful helper, and served the pie. She insisted on putting whipped cream on everyone's pieces, and then added sprinkles. Surprisingly, the sprinkles worked.