Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mommy's baby

When I picked E up from daycare yesterday one of her teachers came over and said, "hi, I just had to see how you were doing." turns out that in the morning, E had informed her "mommy had her baby this morning, she didn't go to the hospital. It was pretty bad."

I was actually a little surprised that I didn't hear anything from daycare sooner!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Funny things she says

E has been talking up a storm lately, she's got things to say to everyone, all the time.

The other day, she informed us that "none of my songs have ends" which is true, once she gets singing there isn't neccessarily a good place to stop her.

We've been debating a name for her baby sister for a while now. E is convinced she should be named Adeline, just like her friend A's baby sister. But, we made progress.

The other night I was laying with E, chatting, hoping she'd go to sleep when she said, "I thought of a new name for my baby [her sister]"  I asked what, she said "Hallway." So, its not perfect, but at least she is open to the idea of other names. She has also since suggested "baby Merida" after the princess in Brave.

Tonight, while cuddling and rocking
E: "we shouldn't tie our friends to train tracks"
A: "you are right"
E: "Why?"
A: "Where did you see someone being tied to a train track"
E: "Video games"

I have no idea what she saw or where she saw it!