Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June 29- According to dada, E never makes a mess when its just the two of them, he things I bring it out of her.  I'm not sure how this could possibly be my fault!  E had a very, very busy day today, she went to the zoo, played at the Vilas park playgrond, visited the kids at her old daycare, and played outside with some of the neighbors.  But, after all that, she still had the energy to empty the bookshelf.

June 28- Going to work everyday is hard in the best of times, but leaving behind a little girl who is ready to snuggle, as opposed to her usual desire to run around non-stop, makes it particullarly difficult. E is still sleeping with duck duck and elephant blanket.  After a cozy start to the day, got busy playing and refused to nap. After I got home we went wading in the swimming pool where E practiced her kicking, and played on the swings.

E had a wild streak in the evening, having two separate crashes, one on her cheek and the other on her nose.  Luckily nothing a little cuddle and ice couldn't fix.
June 27- E discovered that the area behind the chair works as a tunnel, she also figured out that going behind the chair is a good way to reach things that have been pushed back to the back edge of the coffee table.  E had both parents home today, and had a nice visit with Grandma, and then showed off for Grandma at dinner. 

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