Wednesday, July 17, 2013

One huge change!

Well, its been awhile! We've had a huge change, the Queen Bean is no longer the only little girl in her house. Baby Sister M arrived on March 31, one week before we had planned on her arrival. In fact, aside from her room and clothes, nothing was very ready for her arrival. Since she was scheduled for April 8, 2013, we just assumed she'd come as planned. We were totally floored when my water broke around 10:30 on March 30. We rushed out of the house (no hospital bag, no camera) and dropped E off at my parents (no bag packed for her either). Since we were getting ready for Easter, E rushed out past the hidden eggs, and we grabbed her basket on the way out the door. In fact, when we talked to my dad later, he asked if he could go to our house in the morning and pick up her shoes!

We got to the hospital, and as expected, M was still breech. So we waited. We had a lovely family evening on March 30 with an early Easter celebration at Great Gramma's house. Unfortunately, this meant that I had eaten too recently for surgery, so we waited, then we waited for the anesthesiologist, then we waited for an operating room. Once we were in, M's birth seemed to go faster then E's. I do wonder if just being fit into the other deliveries of the night, rather then scheduled makes them hurry! E was born just after 3 am. I got a glimpse of our beautiful girl (she didn't slime me like her sister) and then she was off to be examined.

The operating rooms have changed since E's birth, now the mom can see the examination room while on the operating table. The examined her for quite some time. I found out later from Andy that they wouldn't let him in the exam room, he stood outside the door and had to listen to her cry. He finally insisted that he be allowed in, and they let him. Turns out Miss M. suffered from her breech position more then her sister. M's entire left side was pretty squished, and most alarming to the medical staff, her left leg was swollen to about three times the size of her right leg, and she didn't seem able to move it. Her left foot was bent all the way back and was parallel to her leg. Her left arm also moved a bit funny, and her left ear and eye were visibly squished.

Grandma Ama met us in the recovery room, and got to see baby M. I wasn't in the mood to let anyone else hold her, so I don't think Ama got a turn until the next day. We started debating names, since we were planning on having another week to pick one out. Ama probably went home around 4:30 in the morning, and we moved up to our room around 6. The nurse was very sweet and took our baby girl (no name yet) for a few hours so we could sleep.

Between visitors on the 31st, we debated her name, front runners were Violet and Sophia but neither really seemed right. I don't remember how we handled introducing her to E without a name, but we obviously did, since she didn't have a name until April 1! E was amazing and so excited to meet her sister, she had a huge grin on her face the whole time she was at the hospital. While I stayed for four days, she spent two nights with Ama and Ada, one with Grandma and Grandpa and one with her dad. We even had a movie party at the hospital for her, with E and M in matching PJs.