Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Saying all the words

M is talking more and more, whenever she enters the house she calls "helow." She identifies items of clothing, specifically socks and shirts. She identifies Sesame Street characters (Bert is her favorite). Of course, she says "no" and she calls her sister by name whenever E is frustrating her. At all other times E is "sissy."

With all the words that M has, E is constantly puzzled by her refusal to say "goo goo ga ga momma dadda." I'm not sure why this is important to E, but we spend quite a bit of time discussing the fact that M won't say it!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A week with Miss M

I was lucky enough to get to spend a whole week with Miss M while Ama and Ada were on vacation. We stuck to her usual activities which was so fun for me. I got a little glimpse into her life that I don't usually get. I met her friends, saw her hangouts, and was just generally along for the ride as she got to "drive" during the day.

We also got to drop E off at school each morning, and we picked her up for most of the second week.

We started out together on Thursday the 6th, on Thursdays M goes to Hoyt for open play time. Her friends were there and everyone asked her where her grandpa was. M was pretty funny during these exchanges, whenever someone asked where her grandpa was, she'd look around like he might pop up any second. Her favorite thing at Hoyt was snack, followed by playing the the dolls and strollers, then the slide. M also discovered Hoyt's potty, so we went to the bathroom three or four times.

On Friday, M goes to school at Tenny Nursery School, she loves her teacher Miss Tina, and had a great time in the kitchen. Miss Tina got out the class hedgehog for her to look at, M wasn't really a fan of it, particularly when it waked on the ground. She asked about its "socks" several times. Socks is one her favorite words!

We had a crazy weekend. On Saturday M had her first swimming lesson, then the girls and I visited Great Grandma, and had lunch with her at Culvers. Once we got home and had nap time, I left for a baby shower in Minnesota, and the girls and dada celebrated Grandpa's birthday. I was back by dinner time on Sunday. 

On Monday, we attended her art class, they had paper and things to glue. M had the most fun pushing things into the glue sticks. She also got straws of different sizes and enjoyed putting them into one another.

Tuesday was library story hour, which M has been going to since she was about 7 months old. She loves the librarian, and has a friend, "baby Abby."  Nap time was the funniest thing for me about today. I said it was nap time, and she started walking up the stairs saying "nye nye" and then walked up to her bed. She pointed at the humidifier, so we filled that, then she walked over to her bed. I asked if she wanted stories and she said no. So I put her in bed, and she fell asleep. I was amazed.

Wednesday we tried out art class at a different library, the project was stickers, which only held her interest for a little while. We got to pick E up from school, which was lots of fun, its always nice to see her at school.

Thursday, M was a little under the weather. She was starting to have a runny nose, which actually turned into one of the worst colds she's had. She was unhappy and snugly for days. We went to Hoyt, and she had a great time on the slide and playing with blocks. Nap time was a little harder, mostly because she didn't feel well. When we went upstairs, she kept saying "play, play"