Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A graduation, a birthday, and summer vacation

June 25- Today the girls and dada had yet another busy day. They spent time at the park, went to the bakery to look at a giant gingerbread house, and played at home. When I got home from work, we played at the swings and played with water balloons. Both girls enjoyed the balloons, although M did a better job of not popping them, with made E mad since that meant that M had a balloon and she didn't.

June 24- We had dinner at Great Gramma's because one of my cousins was in town. E had a great time playing with him, E, and her cousin S. E doesn't have much experience playing with "big boys" so I could tell she thought some of the ways he played were a little funny.

M had a good time with the frisbee although wasn't too interested in playing with the other kids. It worked out just fine though since there were plenty of adults inside to give her attention.

M went to Grandpa Ada's today so that dada and E could spend some time together. They made fairy wands and built a lego toy.

M has been talking up a storm lately, she is clearly starting to try for some words, she is starting to repeat sounds. I'm pretty sure she says "bubbles" (bubba)

June 23-This was the girls first day home with dada. They started out with a bang, going to the Children's Museum and the ice cream parlor, I hope the rest of their days can be that exciting!

M has been very into this spatula lately, we don't know why, but she uses it to eat her snacks.

June 22- M has been very into this spatula lately, we don't know why, but she uses it to eat her snacks. This morning we set out to take both girls to the zoo, but M fell asleep in the car on the way over. We were able to drop her off with Ama for a nap and dada and I got to take E to the zoo alone. It was great to have some one-on-one time with E, its been a long time since she's gotten that and I think she really enjoyed the zoo.

June 21- We went to the Strawberry festival at the farmers market today. E got her face painted with "Elsa Eyes" and M had some dessert samples. There weren't too many strawberry things to try, which was a little disappointing. M was a little doll at the market, every time we passed flowers she wanted to stop and smell them, it was very sweet. The girls spent some time in the evening with grandma and grandpa N, so that dada and I could celebrate his birthday, they had a fun time and got to watch some of the Lego movie (E's current favorite)

June 20- Today was a little bittersweet, it was E's graduation day from her daycare Kids Junction. She has gone there since she was six months old, and moved through their various classrooms, so today we had to say goodbye to some people who had been very important to her. Miss Chris, Miss Hillary, and Miss Trisha had all known her since she was a baby.

The graduate picked McDonalds for her special dinner, and both she and M ventured into the play place tunnels for the first time. Usually they both stand at the top of the steps.

June 19- It was dada's birthday today, E went to Kids Junction (I thought it might be a easier transition if she was their the entire week) and M went to Ama and Ada's. I was lucky enough to have breakfast with M and Ada. We had birthday dinner at the Nitty Gritty as usual, and dada enjoyed his party.

The girls are reading Darth Vader and Son together, E offered to read it to M, I thought it might make dada's birthday to see his girls reading Star Wars together.

June 18- M made short work of this corn on the cob, I have never seen her eat quite so much!

June 17-We've been having a hard time with M and milk. She did her best ever with this non-sippy cup.

Somehow its the middle of June already. I have no idea where the time is going, and our time with M as a baby is getting shorter. Already, she is starting to look and act like a kid.

June 16- Although I had hoped to go swimming after work/school today, it got a little gray, so we played outside instead. When M and I got home we nursed, of course, but then headed outside to play a bit. Yesterday she played in a bucket of water, and she tried to get me to fill it up again, but instead, we went to the "jumping spot" and then the swings. When dada and E got home, they swung for a bit, then we headed home. We fit in a quick playtime with A, and then it was dinner time, family walk time, tubby time, and program time. Its nice, E has been the one asking to go on family walks.

As E played with M this morning she said over and over "its so fun having a baby sister"

June 15- We started out Father's Day with a present for momma and dada, the girls slept until 8! Then the girls headed out to get doughnuts for dad and gave him some more relaxing time. We had lunch with Ama and Ada, and played at their house for a bit. M had gotten herself a regularly scheduled nap. Which is great, but it meant that she was a wreck with Ama and Ada starting at 11:30. After quiet time E and dada went to the Lego Movie while M and I played in a bucket of water, she had a great time.

She has also started identifying all animals as "woo woo" which is the noise she makes for dogs, but now it has come to mean birds and everything. After a quick dinner, we dropped the girls with Ama and Ada so that dada and I could see War Horse, which was amazing.

June 14- We had a busy morning, M got her first haircut (just the bangs) and her first pair of new shoes! Then we went to the farmers market for some kohlrabi. E was having a rough time, so she and dada when home and M and I went to the grocery store. You have to shop fast with M, she doesn't like you to take your time. However, she does like when the meat counter gives her a meat stick to snack on while she shops.

After quiet time we went to Grandma and Grandpa N's house to celebrate Father's Day and Grandma's birthday. We had Chinese food which E loves, played in the yard and had a nice visit.

June 13- I don't think we really had any ill effects of Friday the 13th (except forgetting to take a picture). It was dada's first day of summer vacation. After work, the girls and I went to the mall to get a father's day present for dada. Then we had some tea samples and went to "Stuff a Bear" as E calls it to use a coupon. We played in the play area for a long time, and dada met us for an end of the year celebration dinner at the food court.

June 12- Of course we went to Mickies today, and without realizing it, it was our last Mickies of the school year. We are curious to see if E boycots Mickies this year like she did last summer. When dada took the girls for the family walk (I stayed home to clean) E grabbed M's hand and held it, it was so sweet.

June 11- M learned how to hide behind the curtains today, she hides and pops out when you ask "where's M?" 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June 10- After work today we played with A, A, and R at R's house. The girls had a great snack together, then we went outside for some sidewalk chalk (M says it tastes great!) and then played parachute. M didn't really understand, and kept trying to walk on it, but she also liked playing under it. Generally, all the girls were waving the chute, and M was standing under it.

Tonight she went to bed better then she has usually, but it still took dada bouncing her and some tears.

June 9- Tonight I worked on M's signing, and finally got the idea of "please" across to her, however, she thinks that she has to sign it on my chest. I took the girls swimming tonight to try and give dada a chance to get his grading done, it was only partially successful, E liked it, but M gets frustrated because she can't control herself in the pool.

Tonight was terrible. M would go down for about an hour at a time, then wanting to be held or nursed. E wouldn't go to sleep without me, but when I got there, she wanted to squirm and put her feet all over me.

June 8- We picked the girls up from Ama and Ada's house and took them to a farewell brunch after Anne's wedding. They played at the park for a bit, but E was a little out of sorts. Dada took her home, and M and I stayed longer. M had a blast on the slide, it was a covered one, so she could go down by herself. It usually worked, but there were a few instances where she came out upside down.

After nap time, we met our friends outside, and played outdoors for 3 hours, we ended with a picnic, it was the perfect end to a great weekend.

June 7- Today was Anne's wedding, dada had both girls in the morning, so I could get my hair done, then I came home for a little time. Mostly saying "don't touch my hair!" E came to the wedding ceremony, while M came to the reception only. They were both great, and left after E said she was ready for her sleepover movie party. It was Ama and Ada's first double sleep over.

June 6- Dada and I went to the rehersal directly after work, I didn't get to see E or M until bed time. After the dinner, I got home around 10:30, and everyone was still up. After nursing M briefly I cuddled E for about 3 minutes and she was out!

June 5- Today was Anne's bachelorette party, we had a little playtime and dinner, and the I went to the party. Dada took the girls for ice cream (M had the cone only) and then got them to go to bed.

June 4-

June 3- Tonight while dada was gone, the girls had a sweet moment. E was sitting on the floor, and M sat herself down on E's lap.

June 2- M has just discovered the window, its her new favorite spot.

June 1- We had lunch with Ted at the "pig restaurant" before he headed home, M loved walking around on the bench.

May 31