Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June 10- After work today we played with A, A, and R at R's house. The girls had a great snack together, then we went outside for some sidewalk chalk (M says it tastes great!) and then played parachute. M didn't really understand, and kept trying to walk on it, but she also liked playing under it. Generally, all the girls were waving the chute, and M was standing under it.

Tonight she went to bed better then she has usually, but it still took dada bouncing her and some tears.

June 9- Tonight I worked on M's signing, and finally got the idea of "please" across to her, however, she thinks that she has to sign it on my chest. I took the girls swimming tonight to try and give dada a chance to get his grading done, it was only partially successful, E liked it, but M gets frustrated because she can't control herself in the pool.

Tonight was terrible. M would go down for about an hour at a time, then wanting to be held or nursed. E wouldn't go to sleep without me, but when I got there, she wanted to squirm and put her feet all over me.

June 8- We picked the girls up from Ama and Ada's house and took them to a farewell brunch after Anne's wedding. They played at the park for a bit, but E was a little out of sorts. Dada took her home, and M and I stayed longer. M had a blast on the slide, it was a covered one, so she could go down by herself. It usually worked, but there were a few instances where she came out upside down.

After nap time, we met our friends outside, and played outdoors for 3 hours, we ended with a picnic, it was the perfect end to a great weekend.

June 7- Today was Anne's wedding, dada had both girls in the morning, so I could get my hair done, then I came home for a little time. Mostly saying "don't touch my hair!" E came to the wedding ceremony, while M came to the reception only. They were both great, and left after E said she was ready for her sleepover movie party. It was Ama and Ada's first double sleep over.

June 6- Dada and I went to the rehersal directly after work, I didn't get to see E or M until bed time. After the dinner, I got home around 10:30, and everyone was still up. After nursing M briefly I cuddled E for about 3 minutes and she was out!

June 5- Today was Anne's bachelorette party, we had a little playtime and dinner, and the I went to the party. Dada took the girls for ice cream (M had the cone only) and then got them to go to bed.

June 4-

June 3- Tonight while dada was gone, the girls had a sweet moment. E was sitting on the floor, and M sat herself down on E's lap.

June 2- M has just discovered the window, its her new favorite spot.

June 1- We had lunch with Ted at the "pig restaurant" before he headed home, M loved walking around on the bench.

May 31

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