Saturday, March 29, 2014

And then she stopped sleeping...

M started out as an amazing sleeper. After about three months, she was sleeping though the night, no problem. She could fall asleep being held, but put in her crib, and not make a peep until morning. Then, we got to November. She started getting up once or twice. Then, because her parents were tired, she started sleeping with us once she woke up. But, we could still get her to go down.

Now, there is no getting her to fall asleep. Dada usually has better luck then I do, but it generally involves sobbing (her) for several minutes and then being pretty restless. Now, if she falls asleep being held, when I start to lower her into bed, she starts kicking her feet, and is up instantly.

March 29- We had a busy day today, we started with getting the girls birthday portraits taken this morning, they turned out very cute! Then, a trip to Costco, which M napped through. E loves Costco trips, the samples and hot dogs are major attractions. Then we headed home for quite time, and M had a very messy lunch, she tried to feed herself, and ended up with food everywhere. After E got up from quite time, the girls and I headed out to get the last minute party supplies for M's birthday party tomorrow. Then, E helped me bake M's birthday cake. Then, we finally got to play outside! Its finally starting to warm up, and we got to play with R, and blow bubbles and run around on the sidewalk. M had a great time on her first real outdoor playtime. She ended it by falling in the mud, but she still had a great time.

March 28- This is the part of the night where M won't sleep. Our biggest activity of the night was a mommy-sister tubby, when all the girls get in the tub together. M and dada also went to school for a dance performance, the kids were excited to see M.

March 27- I'm always amazed by how much my girls notice, here M demonstrates that she is ready for her own touch screen device. She knows how to move her fingers around on it. Since its Thursday, its bath night (so E decided) so we had a mommy sister tubby. The girls went to Hoyt to play today with Ama and Ada and E was a great helper, apparently, she helped clean up the whole gym.

March 26- M loves Sesame Street books, we are trying to teach her to sit down and read the book, this time she was reading with E.

March 25- M absolutely loves to climb onto E's bed, every night when we get home from work and Ada's house, we go upstairs and play "bouncy baby" on E's bed. Bouncy baby is a game where E sits and bounces herself up and down and grins while I chant "bouncy baby, bouncy baby."

E and I have started a new bedtime routine, she and dada read stories, and then when I'm done not putting M to bed, E and I snuggle and chat for awhile. Since M's still awake, she sometimes wanders in to cuddle to.

Today when we first got home, I tried on dada's hat, M thought it looked like fun, she she tried it too, she giggled the whole time that she was wearing it and walking around.

March 24- Dada finally got her to fall asleep, it took a LONG time.

March 23- Tonight we had dinner at Great Gramma's house to celebrate the March birthdays in our families. E got to play with her cousin S and her friend, she loved the attention of two big girls.
March 22- It was Grandpa Ada's birthday, so we all went out to lunch, E loves the "pig restaurant" because she gets corn dogs. We brought cupcakes for Grandpa, and E had a hard time remembering that the birthday boy gets to pick first! In the morning, we got together with some of my friends from high school and their kids, it was great to get a chance to catch up with everyone.

March 21- E trying to get M to dance in a circle

March 20- Today we had R and her family over for a breakfast-for-dinner dinner. The girls had fun building a fort in E's room, and loved sitting at a kiddie table together. Since the girls tore through E's closet to get fort buiding materials, I took the time to get out a pair of hard bottomed shoes for M. She was actually able to walk in them pretty well, although she did lift her feet up really high at the knees.

E has started playing a very sweet game with her birthday balloons. She fastening them to the ground, then she slowly raises them up and says, "they are growing."

March 19- M likes wearing these sunglasses because the whole world must look different, she puts them on and then just smiles. She's started shaking her head more, and sometimes she'll just put them on and shake.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

March 17- Grandma and Grandpa N gave M this toy for Christmas, and she is just starting to get really into it. It makes music, which she likes, and she can get the rings stacked on it. She had a big day today, she and Ada came to coffee break today, everyone was so impressed with her. They loved her hair, and her smile. She learned how to shake her head coyly this weekend, and she showed off that skill. After coffee, she and Ada went to story hour. Once she go home she took a four hour nap!

At home tonight, we were planning a "Frozen movie party" but we had some behavior trouble with E. In the end, we watched about half the movie, and will have the other half tomorrow. Hopefully with less sass.

Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17- This was an impromptu moment between two sisters this morning. M was in her seat waiting to go, and E got down right next to her and started talking to her, kissing, her and making M laugh. It was so sweet. Whenever M smiles at E, E always says "she likes me" and is so excited about it.

In honor of St. Patrick's day, we watched Brave today, and danced to some Irish music. Dada and the girls danced together and M laughed and laughed.

March 16- E and I got back from Minnesota today and brought M's birthday present from Titi, E was anxious to "help" M open it. M loves the little people. This morning, E and I work up at Titi's house and had some playtime. We had breakfast and then went swimming with A and her momma. Then we took a long car ride back home. I discovered that when doing a road trip, we need to pack extra toys for the ride home, because that is always the rough ride.

M and dada had a nice day together. They did some errands, and made the corned beef for dinner. They tried to go the St. Patrick's day parade, and tried to visit great gramma. Either of these worked, so they hung around at home and played and cuddled.  

We discovered that M loves corned beef.

March 15- This morning, E and I left, with Ama and Ada for Minnsota, we were visiting Titi, A, and Nate and Annie. Leaving Miss M behind was so difficult. But, she and her dada were going to have some nice time together. They played at home, ran some errands, M enjoyed this Bugs Bunny toy and playing on the couch. She also slept for one of her longest stretches (since she was little) in her bed. They also watched some Star Wars, her favorite character is Yoda.

E and I spent the day (and night) with Titi. The girls had a great time playing with toys, Monster's High dolls seemed to be one of the favorites. E also enjoyed using the tea set. E got to watch some new TV shows (Sofia the First, and Doc. McStuffins). They girls also loved playing super heros (Titi gave E a cape for her birthday).

March 14- M had a big day today. She and Ama and Grandpa went out for breakfast and did some playing at Ama and Ada's house. Then M went to dada's school to help him teach. The students were learning about language acquisition, so she was a big help.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

March 13- We had a pretty normal night tonight. Dinner and playtime at home, then E and I went to Target to pick up some snacks for our trip to Minnesota this week. When we got home, it was tubby time. E has decided that Thursday is bath night (even though we make her take one more often), and tonight she got to have a sister tubby, which is her favorite.

We got mylar balloons for E's birthday and M is completely fascinated by them. She smiles at them all the time, and is always trying to grab them.

March 12- We got some water bottles for E's party, and M has been playing with them ever since. She prefers the empty ones, because they are more "crinkley" but this one is full, and she though it was perfect for chewing. The weather has been slightly nicer lately, so she and grandpa were able to walk to the library for story hour today, M is really enjoying getting outside more.

March 11- If there is one item that inspires competition between two sisters, it is this cup. If E has it, M wants it. If M has it, E insists she needs it right NOW. This night, I actually had to wash it to transfer it between the girls. I don't think M actually knows how to drink out if it, she just likes the straw.

March 10- This is M's new doll, just seconds before I took the picture, she was hugging and kissing it, but by the time the camera was ready, this was what was happening.

March 9- This was a bow on one of E's birthday presents. During the afternoon when M and I were home alone together, she got it out and started playing.

 March 8- Today was E's birthday party. We invited the kids from her daycare class, and we were lucky that most of E's good friends could come. We went to MadTown Twisters, and E and the kids had a great time running and doing gymnastics. M also had a good time walking around the gym. We had a Frozen themed party, with a "frozen" cake, and a pin the nose on Olaf.

After the party we had dinner with Ada, Ama, and Uncle Nate, E loved continuing the celebration.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

March 7- Eating baby. I am still getting used to the fact that M likes to eat. When she is ready, she'll walk over to her high chair and try to climb in. Here she was having some yougert and decided to get her hair.

March 6- Sad baby. I ready something that said to be sure to take pictures of your baby crying, so I did. She wasn't sad about anything serious (to me) I had taken away something the wanted.

March 5- Sweet girl.

March 4- M has entered the stage where she loves to put things into other things. We got her this singing shopping bag for Christmas, and she is just getting in to it. The bag combines two of M's big loves, things that play music and bags. M loves turning the music on in things and dancing. As soon as the music starts, she just starts dancing.

In the background, E is serving "wine."

March 3- M's other big loves are phones/remote controls. She got a toy remote for Christmas which she likes, but she is happiest when she gets her hands on the real thing. She holds them next to her head like a phone, and looks at you until you pretend to talk to her on the phone. She expects you to use a high pitch sing-song voice.

I got the double stroller out to try and sell, and it became immediately irresistible!

March 2- I have a picture of E eating a banana that I just love, so I tried to capture the moment with M, not exactly what I was looking for!

The big birthday girl!

March 1- We celebrated E's birthday today, we started out the day with a breakfast donut. Then she opened her presents (a playmobile pyramid) and we played most of the afternoon. We ended the celebration with dinner at the Nitty Gritty.

I can't believe our little E is a four year old! She is getting more mature each day, her imagination is flourishing, she has started drawing pictures rather then scribbles. She drew her first picture of her and her sister the other day. E is getting silly learning to tell jokes and ask funny questions. E is getting more sensitive to social situations, unfortunatly, not a day passes were we don't get a story about some social aspect of daycare (usually someone calling someone else a name, etc.). I can' wait to see what this year brings.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

February 28- The strange thing about M's birthday being on the 31st, is that it is hard to know exactly when to take these pictures, and February was challenging. So, we took the 11th month on on the 28th, figuring it was as close as we could get. Today E and dada went to see Beauty and the Beast, the play that dada's high school is presenting. They took a picnic to eat in dada's classroom, and had quite an evening. Unfortunately, they both got food poisoning, which cut the evening short. The food poisoning made for a long night, E ended up sleeping in my spot, while M and I camped out on M"s floor.

M and I spent the evening together, we did a little grocery shopping, and some playing. M has discovered (or learned) where her nose is. So she spends lots of time putting her finger on the side of her nose, and then smiling at you, until you compliment her on finding her nose!

February 27- M loves these Sesame Street books, we have several, and she loves reading them. What is noticeable to me about this picture is the fact that she is squatting. When we had questions about her leg development, I remember worrying because she never squatted, only sat when she wanted to look at something. E squatted all the time, and started at a very young age. I asked my mom about M's sitting vs. squatting, and she pointed out that E started walking so early, which is why she seemed to squat so long, whereas M started walking "late" for our family.

February 26- E has been really into feeding her dolly lately, of course, this puts it right at M's eye (and hand) level.

M, and E before her, love playing with the pieces of my breast pump. I have no idea why, they both loved unpacking all the pieces and carrying around the little bottles. M  knows how the unscrew the lids (as long as they aren't on too tight).
February 25- Me and my girls! If one is on a lap, the other won't be far behind! We had something of a milestone today, when I picked E up for daycare, one of her teachers (her favorite Miss Trisha) came up to me and said "you are never going to believe what happened." Apparently, during nap, E put a bead up her nose and couldn't get it out. Fortunately, Miss Trisha fixed it, and we didn't have to go the doctor. E was pretty embarrassed about it and promises not to do it again.

February 24- This is M, refusing to go to bed, she's got her sleep sack on and everything, and prefers to just wander around. M is not a particularly good sleeper, and is very hard to put down. We have been struggling with her bed time for a while now. One of the biggest issues is the fact that we can't let her cry without E freaking out. Once M starts crying, E starts calling for us, and if we won't go get her, E offers to.

February 23- Looks like we missed another day :(