Sunday, September 22, 2013

A big weekend

We had a big weekend, for some big things, and some little things. On Saturday (9/21) E had swimming lessons. I signed her up for lessons where she swims without a parent for the first time. Last week, she refused to wear a float belt, and had to swim with the teacher. This week however, she wore the float belt and was even brave enough to jump in when the teacher asked her to.

E also got new shoes, no small accomplishment when she has been wearing Crocs all summer, and shoes and socks feel funny. She went with Momma and, to Daddy's horror, was able to get Aerial light up shoes. Momma had forgotten that he is totally opposed to light up shoes, but it was too late, E was in love, and had worn them out of the store!

In less great news, both E and M decided not to sleep on Saturday night, E woke up at 5 while M was up till 12, woke at 3, and again at 7. That makes for tired parents. I don't know what woke E, but M is busy teething and figuring out how to roll to get what she wants, so I think between the two, her brain is busy.

Today (9/22) was M's first trip to the apple orchard. We went to the Eplegarden again this year, and had a great time picking raspberries and apples. E's friend R and her parents came too, it was nice having another family along with us. E had a great time picking apples and pretending to be Apple Jack from My Little Pony's. She helped fill a quite impressive bag of apples. Although picking raspberries was her favorite, she eats quite a few as she goes.

Miss M wasn't too impressed with her trip to the orchard, she stayed awake for most of the trip, and was totally content in her stroller and later in the Bjorn. But, some of the magic is lost when you can't pick or eat any apples!

Because it had already been such a great weekend, we continued the fun with a trip to the Grumpy restaurant (as E calls it) for lunch. Both girls did great.

Our last big event for the weekend was M's first helping of "smushy" food. E has been longing for this day for a long time. So we each took a turn giving M some rice cereal. She wasn't too impressed, but I'm sure it will grow on her.

Next weekend it E's first running race, she spent the evening getting sips of water for her "training" I hope she is still excited as the race gets closer.