Wednesday, January 30, 2013


We were just talking tonight about the fact that E is growing out of some of her mispronunciations. For example, she no longer asks to put on her "PUJs" she just asks for her "PJs." But, she did get a new one, "Bob the Bobble Cat." E has started soccer lessons and Bob the Bobcat is the mascot. Somehow it translated into bobble cat.

E really loves her soccer classes, Wednesday evenings she talks about soccer and the games they played. Her favorite is "mud monster."

The other big news on the E front is the fact that she no longer has a door on her room. Bedtime has reverted into a disaster, and she started repeatedly slamming her door until dada or I went upstairs to tell her to stop. So, no door. She is still confused about what happened to it, and where it went, but it has helped with part of bedtime at least.

Monday, January 7, 2013


Ever since her daycare teacher announced her pregnancy last winter, E has been fascinated by the fact that people can grow babies in their tummies, and that the babies just "pop out." Since last winter, E has been growing babies in her tummy. Once we told her that I was pregnant, she has been growing a little girl in her tummy named Adaline. She is convinced that Adaline is real, and often tells me things that we need to buy for the baby in her tummy and the baby in my tummy. This has been pretty easy to deal with, we simply talk about making a list of things we need.

However, right around Christmas she added a new wrinkle. A baby in her daddy's tummy. Not just any baby, according to E, baby Jesus is in her daddy's tummy. E's daycare is somewhat religious, and rather then learning about Santa around Christmas, they learned the Bible story. And, ever since, baby Jesus has been at the forefront of E's mind.

So, tonight, I was putting E to bed (for the 5th time) and she announced that we needed to buy a bed for her baby. I suggested that her baby could sleep in her crib, since she didn't need it anymore. At that point, E said "its not big enough" I asked her what she needed, and she explained that we needed three cribs, one Adaline, one for baby Jesus, and one for the "baby in your tummy."

I'm not sure exactly what we are going to do about all three of these babies. I'm also starting to get a little worried about what will happen in April once I have a baby, and E does not. Although, E has decided that her baby should be born on March 1, so that she and Adaline can share a "born day."

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 in review

In January, E had her first hair cut and played in the snow for the first time.

In February, E started loving snacks and made her first batch of cookies

In March, E turned 2 and spent lots of time splashing in puddles

In April, we got a new kitchen and E rode her trike for the first time

In May, E tried her first cup of coffee (now a weekend favorite), visited Circus World for the first time, and attended her first Badger football game

In June, E kicked off the summer at home with Dada and wore a dress for the first time in months

In July, E stopped sleeping, she went to her first wedding, we visited the Minnesota Zoo, and E became completely fascinated by people growing babies in their tummies

In August, we went to Comic Con and Chicago, E loved the Olympics, and we told E about the baby in mommy's tummy

In September, we kicked off our tradition of Thursday breakfasts at Mickie's Dairy Bar, daddy started school again, and E learned about princesses

In October, we had a budding ballerina on our hands, E trick or treated as Cinderella and Captain America, and Princess Hurley arrived

In November, we found out E was having a baby sister (although she knew it all along), we visited the Mississippi River Museum in Iowa and E connected with her second cousin

In December, E and dada survived a week without mommy, E attended her first wedding reception (the dancing was a hit), E learned to look for the "E ones" under the Christmas tree, and E felt her baby sister move for the first time

Here's to the adventures that 2013 will bring