Wednesday, January 30, 2013


We were just talking tonight about the fact that E is growing out of some of her mispronunciations. For example, she no longer asks to put on her "PUJs" she just asks for her "PJs." But, she did get a new one, "Bob the Bobble Cat." E has started soccer lessons and Bob the Bobcat is the mascot. Somehow it translated into bobble cat.

E really loves her soccer classes, Wednesday evenings she talks about soccer and the games they played. Her favorite is "mud monster."

The other big news on the E front is the fact that she no longer has a door on her room. Bedtime has reverted into a disaster, and she started repeatedly slamming her door until dada or I went upstairs to tell her to stop. So, no door. She is still confused about what happened to it, and where it went, but it has helped with part of bedtime at least.

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