Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 in review

In January, E had her first hair cut and played in the snow for the first time.

In February, E started loving snacks and made her first batch of cookies

In March, E turned 2 and spent lots of time splashing in puddles

In April, we got a new kitchen and E rode her trike for the first time

In May, E tried her first cup of coffee (now a weekend favorite), visited Circus World for the first time, and attended her first Badger football game

In June, E kicked off the summer at home with Dada and wore a dress for the first time in months

In July, E stopped sleeping, she went to her first wedding, we visited the Minnesota Zoo, and E became completely fascinated by people growing babies in their tummies

In August, we went to Comic Con and Chicago, E loved the Olympics, and we told E about the baby in mommy's tummy

In September, we kicked off our tradition of Thursday breakfasts at Mickie's Dairy Bar, daddy started school again, and E learned about princesses

In October, we had a budding ballerina on our hands, E trick or treated as Cinderella and Captain America, and Princess Hurley arrived

In November, we found out E was having a baby sister (although she knew it all along), we visited the Mississippi River Museum in Iowa and E connected with her second cousin

In December, E and dada survived a week without mommy, E attended her first wedding reception (the dancing was a hit), E learned to look for the "E ones" under the Christmas tree, and E felt her baby sister move for the first time

Here's to the adventures that 2013 will bring

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