Saturday, June 4, 2011

June 3- Today was one of the days that I hate, while I had fun visiting with friends, I didn't get to see E after work.  She and her dad had a wonderful time, and he taught her how to blow dandelion fluff.  According to him, she only got a little fluff in her mouth.  She managed to go to bed on her own, and even slept through the night!

June 2- We've been having problems lately with E and her bas.  When she was younger, she could have taken or left bottles, but in the past week she has wanted a ba constantly.  She sometimes plays with them, and sometimes she uses them for milk.  E also knows which kitchen cabinet holds the bas, and will patiently walk you into the kitchen to show you and ask one.  When you say no, she throws a huge tantrum.

June 1- sharing a graham cracker with her dad.  E loves to share her food, and couldn't wait to share this treat. E was a little thrown off today after having a long weekend at home with both her parents, but she was excited to go back to day care  Now that she's in the one year old room, the do lots of art projects and have gym class.

We had her dad's mock trial team over for a dinner, which E liked.  She enjoyed the attention of the big girls, but was frustrated that they all had cell phones and refused to share with her.  She and I spent a lot of time outside swinging to distract her.

May 31- E absolutely refused to eat dinner today which is why she is carrying her snack lid around. We let her have snacks in lieu of dinner, but that wasn't enough, she had to walk around with it.  Here, she is about to go up the stairs like a big girl. She is determined not to crawl up stairs any longer, which really worriers her dad and I .She does ok on this step since she can hold on to the wall, but the other stairs are much harder.

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