Thursday, June 16, 2011

June 16- E is grinning up at her dad, he is the person who bought her this new chair.  She loved it, she spent some time sitting in it, but mostly she liked pushing it around the floor.  E had a big day today, it was her first day of swimming lessons in the shrimp/perch class.  I was so sad to miss it, but she and her dad had a great time, and she was even brave enough to put her face in the water.  That is probably the first time in her whole life E has voluntarily gotten her face wet! After the lessons, she took a nice long nap for her dad, and then went to play with Ama and Ada (and uncle Ted).  She's still a little cautious around her uncle, but she is warming to him.

June 15- E had pajama day at daycare today, and she got chocolate pudding all over her jammies! E was in quite a mood tonight, she only wanted to be held, and refused to eat.  Her dinner was half a graham cracker and this bottle with her dad.  It turns out she is teething pretty badly, which would make anyone upset.  It was also raining, which meant she couldn't go outside or blow bubbles, which she really wanted to do.
June 14- picture coming soon!  We had some technical difficulties, and the picture is saved on the camera, not the memory card!  Its very cute, Miss E is blowing bubbles.

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