Sunday, June 5, 2011


June 5- This has become a common sight at our house lately, we are either starting the terrible twos early, or have a girl who needs to learn a few more words.  I was originally trying to take a picture of E eating her pasta because she signed "please" mid-meal, and had little tomato handprints on her chest, but as you can see, the meal quickly took a turn for the worse.  E as "all done" and there was nothing we could do to convince her otherwise.

We beat the heat today by playing in a tub of water, E had a great time pouring water from one cup to another and splashing.  Somehow, momma got more water on her then E!

E did pick up a new word today, we were watching 30 Rock and they were talking about wool.  Her dad repeated it, and then E did.  As a knitter, I'm thrilled wih the new word.

June 4- Here is E and her uncle at the farmer's market and cows on the concourse.  She had a great time seeing the cows and was even brave enough to touch one.  The second after she did it, she jumped back.  She was even brave enough to scoot to the front row one time, but again, a cow moved, and she had enough.  After the cows E and I played the grass while everyone else shopped, it was her first visit to the capitol, and she certainly appreciated the the grounds.

Here, E is having a great time with her uncle, she's been a little slow to warm to him this visit, she usually runs away when she sees him, but after a few hours she's ready to play or be held. 

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