Friday, August 2, 2013


For some reason, we decided to make Smores the other night. We didn't have an open fire, so we just used the microwave. Both Andy and I were excited to introduce E to Smores, since they are such a fun childhood thing. We showed her the process and held her up so that she could see the marshmallow grow in the microwave. It made me miss a year ago, when she would talk about "smarshmellows." When it was done, I handed it to her we had the following exchange:

E: Mommy, you know when we make cookies, we have ingredients.
A: Yes
E: Ingredients
A: We had ingredients for Smores, they were graham cracker, marshmallow, and chocolate
E: When we make cookies, I get to eat the ingredients
A: You are, they are right here
E: No, ingredients!
A: Do you not want a Smore, just the ingredients separately?
E: Yes!
A: Oh, ok, here you go
E: No marshmellow, and more chocolate?

Since that night, she's asked for "Ors" several times, it always takes me a minute to figure it out, since it also sounds a bit like more. Each time, she tries to negotiate for two pieces of chocolate. She hasn't succeeded yet, but I like that she keeps trying.

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