Friday, October 14, 2011

October 14- Tonight was a night of tantrums, E must have been feeling a little under the weather. When we got home from daycare, things were going well, then suddenly, E said "mat" and took off toward the garage door. We assumed she wanted to play with her sleeping mat from daycare, but what she actually wanted was the mat the bedroll attaches to. Unfortunately for everyone, the mat stays at daycare. After several prolonged tantrums, we got out dada's old camping mat which was an ok substitute. But the tantrum attitude stayed with her all night, she was only happy in the tub, when she was sticking these letters to the wall.
October 13- We got into a little bit of an Elmo habit after dinner this week, here's E waiting patiently for Elmo to start. I love how she's got her little legs crossed! She spent the day with Ama and Ada, and they went to their first MSCR play camp of the fall, E had a great time, she enjoyed keeping up with the big kids. After I picked her up, we went to try and find a Halloween costume. E didn't show any interest in any of them. We also bought new shoes, and E got to go to the grocery store and ride in one of the carts that looks like a little car, she loved it.

October 12- There are several notable things about this picture. First, you can see two sippy cups, E insisted in having two milk cups today, she drank from both of them, and carried them around with her. Also visible is her dollhouse beds. These are her favorite part of the house. The little bed is for the baby, and it has a spring so that it makes a great boing-boing noise. The dada sleeps in the big bed, he can be a little frustrating to fit into it. Third, dada is sneaking a kiss. E doesn't always hold still, and would prefer to be on the go, so we've got to get our kisses when we can!

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