Sunday, October 23, 2011

Business Trip

I was in Lexington, Kentucky from Tuesday until Saturday, attending the Best Practices Exchange. This was the longest time I've ever been away from E. It was a hard trip for me, although I began to appreciate sleeping when I wanted, and I think it was hard at times for E, but she got through it just fine.

Its amazing what a different four days makes. She can put more and more words together to make sentences. It seems to me like she's remembered all the words she's ever heard us say, and now she uses them in context. Its amazing. She also developed an interest in removing her diaper immediately after its been used, and in running around naked.

We used the trip to wean E, and so far its going pretty well. She still asks for milk, but when we tell her no, she reacts pretty well, and moves on to something else. And, dada reports that she has been sleeping better.The weaning was a hard one for me, I don't think I was ready, but I am so glad we made it 19 months, its much longer then I thought we'd make it at the beginning.

E and dada spent a lot of time with Ama and Ada and Grandma and Grandpa. We are lucky to have them so close by. Their willingness to help is one of the reasons my trip was possible.

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