Sunday, October 9, 2011

October 9- It was unseasonable warm today so we took the girls to the Fitchburg Dream Park. They loved it! They didn't get to far from the ship and the slides, but both E and A (or Titi as E calls her) loved climbing up the steps, and the spiral slide. I couldn't get a picture of both girls looking at the camera today. I  don't know why E has her hat strap in her mouth, but she played all day like that. E is also wearing her football shirt, its a Packer's shirt she is very proud of, she told everyone about her shirt.

After we said good bye to Titi, and a nice long nap, E visited her friend L's house to decorate Halloween cookies, then we had dinner with Ama and Ada. A tried little girl, insisted in wearing her football shirt over her jammies.
October 8- Today was a busy one. E had a great time playing with her friend A, they loved trying to go through the tunnel together and playing with the Elmo toys. The girls spent the morning playing together, then E went over to our neighbor's birthday party, the neighbor A turned two! After the party, E and her dada spent the day together, they played with dada's pocket watch, and E practiced putting it dada's pocket. The had dinner at grandma and grandpa's house, and took a nice long walk together. E and A got to stay up late playing and clowning around.

October 7- E is sword fighting with dada, she loved playing with the wrapping paper tube. We had a pretty calm Friday, although we were busy trying to keep track of the Brewer game. We took a nice long walk with A and her mom, we went all the way around the prairie. We did our usual circuit, we've added a stop along the way. First, we go to the jumping spot, then we added a running hill, then we go up and watch football, then we jump off the little platforms, then run and get carried down the long side. Once we get back to the path, we have the knocking sign, and a few other jumping spots, and then we are home! 

October 6- E has started stringing words together, its great to watch. However, mostly she commands us, "momma/dada sit" is her favorite. E spent the day with Grandma and Grandpa today, they went to the park. Once she got home, she wanted "noonels" for dinner, which we gave her, she's been ending her meals by throwing her food on the floor, which also means that dinner has been ending in a 20 second time out.

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