Tuesday, October 25, 2011

October 25- Today E made it clear that she has a new pattern, every morning, she likes to have a bowl of Os and milk. Now that she's no longer nursing, this is the first thing that happens once she wakes up. So, today, she ate Os in her jammies, and then, again, had Os for dinner. My favorite part of the Os meal, is that she opens her mouth as wide as she can, as soon as she starts moving the spoon toward her mouth. She opens it as wide as possible no matter how many Os are on her spoon. She also uses her left hand push in any Os that don't quite make it in.

After daycare, we went to Target, E is getting the hang of shopping, she kept picking things up off the shelf and asking to put them in the cart. We also got to have a playdate with A and R. The girls hadn't been together in a group for about a week, so it was nice to see them together again.

October 24- Eating is always a problem for E, she frequently eats only a few bites of dinner, only to want a snack later.  Given her size (she's wearing a 0-6 month shirt above) we generally let her have a snack whenever she wants, although I worry we are teaching her bad food habits which will cause trouble later in life. Tonight, after dinner, she insisted on this granola bar and later, ate almost an entire yogurt. The picture above also shows one of our ongoing battles, that you have to sit in a chair. She'd prefer to stand, or lay down, basically, anything but sit.

When I picked E up from daycare tonight, we spent nearly 20 minutes in the parking lot. I couldn't get E into her car seat. She was standing in the seat, trying to buckle the buckles, she kept telling me she was "helping." I couldn't get her to sit down for anything. I'm hoping this doesn't become a new issue.

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