Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October 11- This is E's new dollhouse, she loves it! Her favorite part is putting the guy, as she calls him, nite nite. Her favorite character is the baby, its bed has a spring, and she loves pushing it. This morning she was playing with the baby and said "milk" and she held the baby up to the chest of one of the dolls. After daycare today, she had to get her Hep A shot, and she only cried a little bit. She also weighed in at 21 pounds, we are thrilled she finally broke the 20 pound mark! We took a nice long walk with her friends tonight, and we ended up on the tennis courts, for some reason, the girls loved pretending to go nite nite on the tennis courts. They also played a pretty good game of catch.

October 10- Here is E on the jumping spot, its a small green plastic rectangle, and she stands on it, waits for us to count to thee and jumps. She's actually getting good at jumping, and her feet leave the ground. E took three walks tonight, one with her parents, one with A, and one with dada and our friend Abi. By the last walk, E was worn out. Tonight Abi and her mom gave E a dollhouse that had been E when she was younger, E had a ball with the house. I let her stay up a little late to play with it, and unfortunately, was then too tired to go to sleep easily. But, she slept till morning, so we can't complain.

Today was the first time that E has ever cried when it was time to leave daycare. I got there to pick her up, and they were just getting ready to get out the tunnel. E was clearly heartbroken over the idea of missing the tunnel, so we stayed, and after one crawl through she was fine, and we could leave.

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