Monday, October 17, 2011

October 17- Today was a hard one for me, I’m leaving town for a conference and will be gone for five days. Until this trip, the longest I’ve ever been away from E is about 12 hours. Going through the night time routine was particularly bittersweet tonight, since when I get back, there will be a whole new routine, and she will probably be weaned.

After daycare, we immediately went to see the football players. E has become quite the football fan. We got home and had some nice playtime with her dollhouse before dinner. We had quite the scare tonight when E fell off her chair after dinner. She was standing on a chair, eating a little more, when off she went. She was OK, but she was hurt and scared. She had a blast in the tub tonight, pouring water from one cup to another, and insisted in staying in until the water was cold. We had a very nice bedtime, with her favorite stories and milk. She insisted on holding Doot Doot during the stories and milk, and at one point, was alternating between pretending to give Doot Doot milk, and having some herself. 

October 16- We took E to Pecks Farm today to get a pumpkin and see the animals. We took a ride on the little train, which E loved. She had an ok time looking at the animals, she was impressed by the deer, elk, and bison, but found the birds scary. E chose her very own pumpkin from lots of choices (and discovered at home that she could roll it over the floor). After some string cheese and kettle corn at Pecks, and lunch at Culvers, an exhausted E took a short nap. We went for a walk with R and the two girls managed to share a single tennis ball. After dinner, we played the tickle monster game (me chasing E and tickling her when I caught her), and then called it a day.

October 15- E’s mood from last night carried over into today, the morning had several small bouts of tantrums, food throwing, and other sassy behaviors. But, when we went to Ama and Ada’s house to park cars for the football game, that all changed. She was back to her old self as soon as she had an audience. Ama and Ada let her pick and eat several tomatoes and run in the back yard. After her nap, E and dada had some time together where they took a little walk. Then, it was back over to Ama and Ada’s house where E was a wild girl. She ate constantly, ran around, had a successful potty, and generally impressed with her antics.

E’s favorite part of the day was wearing her Bucky shirt, she loves the Bucky Badger on the sleeve, and showed it to everybody. She can also say "Go Bucky"

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