Sunday, October 23, 2011

Back at home!

October 23- This morning, E and I went shopping and she loved riding in the cart. All of a sudden, E had outgrown every single pair of socks she owned, so it wasn't an exciting trip, but necessary! We also had to go and get her some new dishes, since she threw/dropped a plate and broke it today. But, at the end of trip since she'd been such a good girl, we went to the park and played. Today, her favorite was going down the slide alongside me.

We helped Great Grandma celebrate her birthday today, and saw E's second cousins. Then, we took E furniture shopping, which she absolutely loved. She ran all over the entire store, fortunate the staff thought she was cute, not a bother! And, to top it off, the dads and little girls went for a nice walk. E went to bed absolutely exhausted.

October 22-I got home today, and got to get E up from her nap. She was excited to see me, and demonstrated by jumping and flopping in her bed. This is one of E's new favorite games, she requests that her tunnel be put "up on top" and then she stands and wiggles in it until she get out.

Up on top is one of her favorite expressions, and means that she wants something (often herself) put up on something else. I absolutely love that this is the way she describes it. We took an afternoon trip to the park and had a nice family dinner.

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