Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween fun

October 31- We went trick or treating tonight with the neighborhood girls. The three of them covered a ton of grounds and collected lots of candy. This was E's first taste of candy, and she loved it. The girls were a little concerned going up to people's doors at first, but once they got the hang of it, their was no hesitation. E took two pieces at each house (one for each hand). She was a little too intimidated to say "trick or treat," "please," or "thank you" but she impressed a lot of people with her costume. E also used her size to her advantage, she used it to fit around A and R to get to the door first.

October 30- We trick or treated at Grandma and Grandpa's house this morning, E refused to wear her costume! She had lunch at Grandma and Grandpa's and looked for birds and bunnies. Despite being exhausted, E refused to take a nap, she added her big giraffe and big monkey to her bed time companions, but even they couldn't help her take a nap. We got out a few of E's baby things to lend to a visiting friend, and E had a great time playing in her car seat, she likes it better now then she did as a baby. We went to the park to play, but E fell asleep on the way over.

It was  a hard bed time, E was in a great mood, she was just ready to talk, while we wanted her to sleep. Her vocabulary has been growing and her sentencing getting better, last night, she explained to me that "momma milk broken" I was amazed at the sentence, but sad at the content.

October 29- Today we celebrated lots of Halloween. First, we trick and treated at Ama and Ada's house, then we went to the condo association's Halloween party. A was there, and the two girls had fun coloring pictures and drawing on pumpkins. After the party, dada and his friend had their annual Halloween movie marathon. So, E had dinner with company, and enjoyed showing off for them. She even went to bed with momma putting her down instead of dada.

October 28- We had another swap with A’s parents tonight, so E got to spend the evening with A. The girls were busy, they painted, ran an obstacle course, and played with A’s puppets. A’s mom kept the girls moving, and really wore her out! She slept from about 9 pm to 8:15 in the morning, a record.
E also has a new favorite thing, she calls it “Jay Book” it’s a Bible that her godfather Jay gave her at her baptism, she loves to read it before bedtime. E takes her boppy and puts it behind the rocking chair and then sits in it reading. She calls it her room

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