Friday, September 2, 2011

September 2- E is getting closer and closer to reaching door knobs. We are in trouble once she figures it out! You can see her Captain America (or Doo Doo) as she calls her in the background, and in her left hand is the Captain's blanket. We had a good evening, after day care we went swimming, and two of the neighbor's wanted to play with her. They were both second graders, and weren't too impressed with E's ability to play the way they wanted. Day care went slightly better today, she refused to eat breakfast or lunch, but she didn't cry so hard in the morning that she fell asleep a whole hour before nap time.

 September 1- Dada's first day of school and E's first day with Ama for the school year. Both events were successful, although I'm guessing E had more fun :) After a fun day with Ama and Ada which included watching kids at the park, swimming, a walk, and throwing some rocks. In the evening, she helped momma and dada park cars for the Badger game. She wasn't wearing her Badger red, but she was still a big draw.

 August 31- Another tough day at day care, they describe E has having fun at times, but as soon as the door opens, she gets upset because she remembers that her parents aren't there. After day care we had a play date with E's friend A and our new neighbor R. The girls played in the pool, with sidewalk chalk, bubbles, and sidewalk paint. They all had a blast. E loves her Captain America toy, above she is putting him to nite nite. She spent quite a bit of time doing that tonight.

August 30- E is having "noon-els" for dinner, they are her favorite. E didn't eat anything at day care, so I wanted dinner to be something that she was certain to eat. So, noon-els and yogurt were it. E feeds hereself everything now, and which makes meal time very messy. You can see the sauce on the table, on E's chest, in the top of her diaper, and on the floor (along with the towel she was using to wipe her mouth). To solve it, she usually eats naked, it works well, but I'm not sure what we'll do in the winter.

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