Sunday, September 25, 2011

September 25- E came home this morning at 10:00, we were so glad to see her. She pointed out her tunnel to Ama and Ada, but wouldn't demonstrate how she crawled through them. Once she got a little more secure in being home, she was back using the tunnels. She also finally started understanding about rain, and the fact that she can't go outside when its raining. She pointed outside several times today and said "rain." This afternoon, she visited Grandma and Grandpa with dada and they all went for a walk, and played with balls. And, tonight, for the first time, she threw a tantrum until she got to take a bath.

September 24- This is the most peaceful that I've seen E look while sleeping since she was a newborn. Usually, she sleeps on her tummy and knees and it looks like she is ready to go at any moment. Today was a big day, E slept through the night, and was ready to play at 6:00 am. Because of the weather, we couldn't go to the park, so we played at the mall's playground. E was so tired out after the playing that she fell asleep on the 5 minute drive home. This evening, E spent the night at Ama and Ada's house. She went over for dinner, and stayed until the morning. They had fun having pizza, playing with toys, and having a bath. Her favorite game was throwing her blankie and giraffe over the edge of the bed and calling for her Ada to come help.

September 23- Today I left work early, picked E up, and took her to the homecoming parade for dada's school. She played the monkey to her dada's Henry Drummond. She was the hit of the parade, and the English Department won the award for the best dressed department! We also went to the homecoming football game, E only lasted about 10 minutes into the game. It was her first time wearing mittens, she kept staring at her hands and moving her thumbs. She didn't mind them too much, but once she wanted a snack, she refused to put them back on.

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