Monday, September 12, 2011

September 12- It has become clear to us lately that E loves her routines and habits. For example, last Thursday, dada picked up E from Ama and Ada's house, and she found it really upsetting. Tonight, she illustrated that the bed time routine has to go exactly right. We have to change a diaper, put on jammies, brush teeth, have milk, read the moon book, the hippo book, and one other book. Then, momma has to stand up and say nite nite and hold her until dada comes in to put E in her bed.

Tonight, we went out to dinner, which always seems like it will be a good idea, but we end up taking turns walking around the restaurant with E in shifts. After dinner, we gave E a second dinner, and then went for a nice walk with our neighbors.

September 11- This morning, E and I walked to the park near our house for some play time. Even though we went all the way to the park, once we were there, all E wanted to do was have a snack, drink some water, and unpack her diaper bag. She did play on the equipment a little bit and even went down the slide by herself, just holding my hand.

We had a nice day around the house,  dancing, playing with balls, and going for walks. After dinner, we got to go over to A's house and play in her pool. The girls had a great time turning the yard into mud, although E was very bothered when she got mud on her toes. We spent a lot of time cleaning off her feet and then watching her step directly back into mud.

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