Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Since E's doctor appointment yesterday I've been thinking about all the words she knows. The doctor asked if she knew between 15 and 20 words, and we said she knew many more. So, here are the words she has at 18 months, I'm sure I've missed some: mama, dada, Ama, Ada, up, down, more, please, milk, cheese, bean, pea, yogurt, water, hippo, roar, diaper, Ernie, Elmo, potty, toot, no, all done, done, mommy, ball, walk, out, baby, nite nite, owie, shoe, sock, toes, bye bye, hi, thank you, her name, her friend A's name, swim, pool, boat, tweet, noodle, wow, airplane, whee, uh oh, boom, bump, ride, happy, truck, Big Bird, cookie, mum mum, snack, vroom, hop, boy, and animal.

September 7- I had promised E a walk with her dada and I and she decided I was wearing the wrong shoes, she got other shoes for me, and helped my put them on. Today E did better at daycare, she had a sad drop off, but perked up for most of the morning, she ate both breakfast and lunch, and then got sad in the afternoon. After daycare, we had a playdate with the neighbors, unfortunately, E and I didn't get to stay too long. We went to play before E got her post-daycare milk, and she spent the entire playdate asking for milk, crying, and reaching in my shirt. After a total meltdown we left so she could have milk.

We had another milestone tonight, our first public tantrum. We were walking and E wanted to cross the street to play. We said no, and she threw herself on the ground and cried. We cleared it up pretty quickly, but near a driveway to our condo wasn't the best place for a tantrum.

September 6- E had her 18 month check up today and passed with flying colors. Her vocabulary and gross motor skills are off the charts. She weighed in at 19 pounds and 9 ounces (first percentile) and she's 30.5 inches tall (twentieth percentile). So, she's still a peanut, but its not holding her back.

September 5- E has been really interested in coloring lately, we've got one of her pictures hanging on the fridge, and when she wants to color, she pulls down the picture and hands it to us. When she colors, she uses both sides of the paper (and sometimes the table). Her favorites are the red and black crayons. She prefers the ones with points, but has accidentally broken two of them, she gets pretty upset when she uses them.

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