Monday, August 29, 2011

August 29-E has been playing with this bag and these skeins of yarn for weeks now. She picks them up, puts them in the bag, dumps them out, picks them up, and so on. Tonight, she was carrying the light purple one around like a purse.

Today was E and dada's last day of summer vacation, they had errands to run and E helped to set up dada's classroom. She was something of a handfull, refusing to nap, and pretty clingy. Tonight, she showed off her knocking skills, when dada was grilling, she knocked on the patio door, and from her booster seat, she knocked on the table. She and her friend A had a nice long walk, tonight A took the lead, and E chased her, not their usual.

We had another parenting first tonight, we put E to bed, and things were going well, she was quiet, and we assumed asleep. But, about 45 minutes after we put her in her bed, all of a sudden there was a scream-cry, so we went upstairs to see what was wrong. Turns out that in the course of falling asleep, E had removed her pants and diaper (a Cookie Monster one, not a favorite) and wet her bed. With a new diaper and sheets, milk, and a reading of the Moon book, she went back to sleep quickly.

August 28- This is E and dada's new mode of transportation. It gives momma heart attacks every time. Overnight, E seem to have a foot growth spurt. Nothing else changed, but her shoes gave her owies when we put them on, so it was off to the shoe store.

E and I took a walk to the park in the morning and had a great time going down the slides. E went down the little kid slide by herself, and a medium sized slide holding my hand. She wanted to go down the biggest one alone, but we went down in tandem. E spent a few hours in the evening with Ama and Ada (and wasn't sad to see her parents go). They kept her busy playing at the park, taking walks, and swinging. Ama and Ada were trying to wear her out so she'd sleep through the night. Although she was exhausted when she got home, E woke up twice at night.

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