Saturday, September 10, 2011

More words

Ever since I started listing words we've come up with more that she knows, here's the update: bubble, hedgehog, cheers, book, bottle, help, moon, Bert, Knee, tiger, lion, key, duck, hot, cold, her friend R's name, and flower,

September 10- Clowning around with dada, E was playing with herself in the mirror, making funny faces and watching the yogurt move around her chin. She had a big day today, first we ate the longest breakfast of E's life, starting with noodles and peas and moving on to pancakes, I'm not sure how she sat still that long. E's also been a big fan of coloring lately, and made a few pictures before we ate. We got out her skinny crayons, and its amazing how much better she is at using them then she was a few months ago.

After breakfast and coloring, we parked cars for the Badger game at Ama and Ada's house. She was pretty helpful, and got to visit with momma's friends Erin and Ryan from college. E, momma, and Ada walked down to the stadium for lunch, where E saw some big trucks, and people watched. E spent the afternoon with Ada, they had macaroni and cheese, napped, played with the teapot, and swam in the pool. This evening, we took a nice long walk, and explored the practice field with our neighbor R.

September 9- Today was E's best day at day care yet, she only cried a little in the morning and didn't have too many fussy spells. She ate some at each meal, and some snack. We had our neighbor A over tonight and the girls, as usual, had a great time together. Dinner wasn't too successful, neither would touch their ravioli, but both loved the yogurt, E even ate some watermelon and she won't usually touch fruit.

After dinner we walked to the football game for dada's school. Both girls were fascinated by the lion mascot and liked watching the big kids cheer.  This was E's second football game and A's first, we'll see if it becomes a regular thing.

September 8- I think E looks a little punk here, which is fitting this new activity. She dumps her snack out on the floor, says "uh oh" and "help" and then expects me to pick up all her snack, only to repeat the game a few minutes later.

E was at Ama's house today, and packed a lot into the morning. E called me at work at 9:30 and Ama reported that they had already looked for dogs, watched the kids going to school, picked (and eaten) four tomatoes, gotten so wet playing that her pants needed to go into the dryer, and had a snack. Ama wasn't sure what they were going to do with the rest of the day.

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