Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Doot Doot

September 14- E's love of Doot Doot is increasing daily. Tonight, she couldn't eat dinner without her Doot Doots watching, and couldn't go to bed without saying good night to Doot Doot. We are fairly sure we are are going to need to find a crib safe Captain America soon, things are getting a little out of hand! Tonight we got to play with the neighbors, its starting to get pretty fall like around here, so our walk was cut short, but E got to try out some of R's magic erase crayons, they were pretty cool. Day care clearly wiped E out today, she was ready for bed very early.

Day care, and then I, got E to wear her hair in a little ponytail for a little while today, I was so excited, I've been wanting E to wear a hair tie for along time now!

September 13- This is a pretty common site, this is E carrying Doot Doot under his blanket. Tonight before dinner, E and dada went for the longest walk of E's life, they went to the watch the big kids play football, baseball, and volleyball, then the went to the park, finally then walked over to the entrance to our neighborhood's conservation park. 

Tonight we had a huge milestone, E went potty on the potty! We were so impressed and had a big celebration, E even got to flush the big toilet! We are hoping this trend continues, but we know she's still pretty young, so are not pushing. Tonight, we were playing when E said "toot" so I ran her into the bathroom, after a couple false starts, she went! So, we've got to listen hard for "toot"

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