Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fall days

September 20- We are taking advantage of these last fall days while we can. E has been spending lots of time outside, she comes home from daycare everyday with shoes full of sand! We've taken nice long walks, tonight the three girls and their parents all took a walk, where the girls jumped of the jumping spot, ran up to football practice, and watched a tennis match. E was so excited after all the activity that bed time was hard, but we are hoping she continues her sleeping through the night streak.

September 19- The girls had the evening together since dada had to work, we walked to the park, where E had a great time playing on the little slide. By the end of the night, she was able to walk up the little slide. She did some climbing on the big kid equipment but didn't want to go down the big slide. On our way home, E melted my heart, she picked me this bouquet of wild flowers. She had the idea herself, and picked most of the flowers without help. She picked one dandelion fluff flower, but was so excited by it, she played with the fluff until it came off. She was so excited for one of the flowers that she pulled it roots off!

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