Thursday, September 22, 2011

September 22- E was a goofy girl today. This morning, she went to Ama and Ada's house, and during the car ride to drop me off at work, she told Ama that she was hungry. But, once breakfast came, she didn't want to eat anything. It was only when she was pretending to feed a stuffed monkey broccoli, that she'd eat. E's imagination has really been coming out lately. She feeds her stuffed animals, she pretends things are phones, and she cooks with her kitchen.

After breakfast out with Ama and Ada, she got to go to a park, and pick a tomato for a snack. Once we got home, the silly continued. First, she "painted" the table with yogurt, then, after dinner she ran around the house naked going back and forth between momma and dada. And, later, she took off her own diaper to keep running naked (and had a small accident on the floor).

Above, E is walking down the stairs like a big girl. She refuses to crawl down stairs. If its only one step, she won't even hold hands, she just goes on down.

September 21- This was day 4 (and the last day) of E's sleeping through the night streak. She is wearing her magic dinosaur jammies, we decided that the jammies were magic, since the first night she wore them she slept straight through. She is also holding her giraffe (which Teddy gave her for her birthday). Today she had a good day at daycare. When we got home in the evening,  we hustled out to beat the rain, and took a few turns on the jumping spot. After dinner, E asked for a snack, and practiced pouring them from container to container.

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