Sunday, September 18, 2011

September 18- It was a rainy Sunday today, the sort of day best spent indoors. Unfortunately, E doesn't understand that you should stay inside during the rain, so we spent a lot of time explaining to her why we couldn't go for a walk. This morning, Ama and Ada picked E up for the morning. When she got home, it was just in time for a nap, and then a snack with her giraffe. The giraffe has quickly become one of her favorites, and she asked for it constantly today. She's sitting with her other favorites, Doot Doot (napping under his blanket), and her blanket (another new word and something she asks for quite often) We also went mall walking to give E a chance to get out of the house.

We also learned today that E pays attention to everything. This morning the phone rang, E promptly grabbed shovel, put it up to her ear and said "helwhoa" and we learned that she knows how to sit cross legged.

September 17- E and I went to the Big Rig Gig today, we saw lots of trucks. E had a great time touching wheels, playing in digger scoops, and seeing the inside of a bus. E wasn't even scared of the truck horns. The Gig was held at the city pool, and E also loved playing in the empty pool. After the Gig, she and I went to the Monroe Street Festival to see the petting zoo. There was a Spanish Mastiff (the biggest dog I've ever seen) and some goats. E liked looking, but wasn't interested in touching any of them.

We got to have dinner with Ama and Ada, where E showed off her love of rice, and then it was bed time. E actually slept the whole night!

September 16- When I picked E up from daycare earlier this week her hair was wild, Miss Alyssa told me that is was because she had put a pony tale in E's hair. So, since E left in the day care hairdo, I've started putting pony tales in her hair. This one got a little messy, but it was still pretty cute. E spent the evening with her friend A as part of our date exchange. The girls had so much fun that E didn't want to leave when we came to pick her up.

September 15-
Today was the first day of Grandma and Grandpa watching E. They had a busy day, they took a long walk, played outside, colored with crayons, and went to the grocery store. E even brought Doot Doot along for the day. In the evening, the neighborhood dads took the girls for a walk.

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