Friday, August 26, 2011


Although the first day of day care went fairly well, its become clear as the week went on that E was having some separation anxiety. At day care she gets sad each afternoon, and on Thursday she wouldn't eat. She was even nervous to be at Ama and Ada's house and tried to use the phone to call her "mommy" (a new word). The anxiety has also affected her sleeping, which makes things worse, since she is more tired.

August 26- This has been E's new thing lately, whenever she sees the camera she comes running to see the "baby" in the pictures. This has been making it hard to get he nightly picture. Today day care was closed so she and I went to our baby group at Happy Bambino, it had been a long time since we'd see some of the other kids, and it was great to catch up. After that, she and dada did some work at Grandma and Grandpa's house and spent some time together. We capped off the day with two walks, one with E's friend A, and the other with just momma and dada.

August 25- Today was a little bit crazy. First, we took E to day care, and later got a call asking why she was there on a Thursday. Turns out that they thought she was only going part time, and we thought she was going full time. We're still not sure how we'll resolve this. Day care also told us she was just not acting like herself. So, we brought her home, and she started to calm down, and get herself together. She spent a lot of time today sitting on her potty, no success, but she likes the potty, which is a good start. After spending a little time with Ama and Ada, E came home and started calling herself by her name! She now points to herself when you ask where E is.

August 24- E has loved playing ball this week. Rather then putting the balls in through the top or through the net, she likes to put it though the hole on the back, or try to push it up the bottom. Mostly, she likes to say "wee" as it goes down the ramp at the bottom. It was another lazy evening with a long walk with the neighbors, tonight both girls got to carry racquetballs, which added tot he fun.

August 23- Here we are having a snack and reading our new Elmo book. The book was a gift from Titi and E loves it. She accidentally tore the corner off the cover, and it really bothers her, each time we read it, she points out the rip and says "uh oh." Her favorite part is a page with lots of muppets, she always point to them for us to identify, and its a good test of her parents memories of Sesame Street.

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