Sunday, August 28, 2011

August 27- I was checking my email, when E decided she needed some milk, right at that second. I particularly like the way she's got her feet through the neck of my shirt. E has been nursing much longer then I anticipated, and at nearly 18 months doesn't show any sign of stopping.

We had a pretty busy Saturday, E spent some time with Ama and Ada to help her get used to her dad and I leaving, and coming back for her. She didn't have the same level of anxiety she had on Thursday, so hopefully we are moving in the right direction! After her nap, we took a nice walk, and went swimming with her friend A. We also played a few rounds of a game E calls "bumb" or "boom" where she and a parent bounce on our bed, and then she bonks people with a pillow.  She loves it, and can't walk past our room without saying "boom, boom" or "bumb, bumb."

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