Saturday, August 6, 2011

August 5- Tonight we had E's friend A over for a few hours as part of a new babysitting exchange. The girls had so much fun together! First, we went and blew bubbles and watched high school football practice, then we had dinner, then we went on a long (for one year olds) walk to the park where both girls loved going down the slides and climbing on the little kid structure. Its funny to watch the two of them together, E, being smaller and faster, finds ways to squeeze around A to get to do things first, and if one of them has something, the other needs that same thing. I had two bubble wands, which I thought would be enough, but then they were both trying for the pink one, and no one would use the green one! E got pretty wound up, so she and I sat on the stairs for a little bit. Ever since E was a baby, the stairs have calmed her down, I don't know if its the light, or the way the sound works there, but when she was tiny and wouldn't stop crying, we'd sit on the steps and things would be ok.

E is turning into a very affectionate little girl, she gives A lots of hugs, and tries to hold her hand when they are out walking. She also kisses owies better, kisses her animals, and is very interested in babies (dolls and real kids) and gives her baby dolls pats, hugs, and kisses.

August 4- Look at all that hair! I always joke that her hair is the thing that has grown most since she turned one. From this angle you can really see it. Tonight we had family portraits taken at Olbrich Gardens, it was lovely. E loved the photographer, and left the gardens holding her hand, it was really sweet. But, by the time we were done, E was exhausted. She and dada also had swimming lessons today, it was one of the last classes, E is getting really brave in the water and loves all the swimming songs.

August 3- E has a new fixation, Elmo. She can even say Elmo and knows when her dada and I spell it. She and her dad have been watching a little Sesame Street after breakfast, but now she wants Elmo all the time. She asks for Elmo diapers and has to inspect the diaper before you put it on. She'll still accept her Luvs diapers so long as you tell her its a monkey diaper and make money noises.

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